Best Echo Dot Accessories

The Amazon Echo Dot is a compact and versatile smart speaker that has found its way into millions of homes around the world. With its voice-activated assistant, Alexa, the Echo Dot can do everything from answering questions and controlling smart home devices to playing music and setting reminders. While the Echo Dot is impressive on its own, there’s a whole world of accessories out there that can enhance its functionality and aesthetics. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best Alexa Echo Dot accessories to take your smart home experience to the next level.

Echo Dot Wall Mounts


While the Echo Dot is impressively loud for its size, audiophiles may want to enhance their listening experience with a speaker upgrade. There are numerous speaker docks and Bluetooth speakers designed to work seamlessly with the Echo Dot. These accessories can significantly boost the audio quality, making your music and voice commands sound even better. Brands like Bose, JBL, and Sonos offer excellent options for those seeking superior sound quality.

Smart Plugs and Outlets

Make your home even smarter by adding smart plugs and outlets to your setup. These accessories allow you to control your traditional appliances and devices using voice commands through your Echo Dot. Whether it’s turning off the lights, controlling a fan, or managing a coffee maker, smart plugs and outlets expand the capabilities of your Echo Dot and make your home more energy-efficient.

Skins and Covers

Want to add a touch of personalization to your Echo Dot? Consider investing in skins or covers designed specifically for your device. These accessories come in various colors and patterns, allowing you to match your Echo Dot to your room’s decor or your own personal style. Additionally, they can protect your Echo Dot from dust and minor scratches, keeping it looking sleek and new.

Clock Stand

The Echo Dot with a clock is a popular choice for bedrooms and bedside tables. To make it even more functional, you can get a clock stand that not only displays the time but also provides additional storage space for small items like your phone, keys, or glasses. This dual-purpose accessory keeps your Echo Dot within easy reach while serving as a convenient organizer.

Battery Bases

For those who love taking their Echo Dot on the go, a battery base is a must-have accessory. Battery bases allow your Echo Dot to operate cord-free, making it portable and perfect for picnics, camping trips, or simply moving it from room to room without the hassle of unplugging and re-plugging. Look for a battery base that provides long-lasting power and easy charging options.

Screen and Stand

If you own an Echo Dot with a screen, such as the Echo Dot with Clock or Echo Spot, a screen stand can be a valuable addition. These stands not only elevate your Echo Dot’s display to a more comfortable viewing angle but also provide stability and style to your setup. Some even come with cable management features to keep your cords organized and out of sight.

Smart Light Bulbs

Pairing your Echo Dot with compatible smart light bulbs is a fantastic way to enhance your home’s lighting control. With the power of voice commands, you can adjust the brightness, color, and even set lighting schedules without getting up from your seat. Brands like Philips Hue and LIFX offer a wide range of smart bulbs that integrate seamlessly with Alexa.

Car Mounts

Extend the convenience of Alexa to your car with an Echo Dot car mount. These accessories securely hold your Echo Dot while you’re on the road, enabling you to access navigation, make hands-free calls, or play your favorite music with voice commands. Road trips and daily commutes become safer and more enjoyable with Alexa at your side.

In-Wall Mounts

For a clean and integrated look, consider installing an in-wall mount for your Echo Dot. These mounts recess your Echo Dot into the wall, keeping it out of sight while still allowing you to utilize its features. In-wall mounts are particularly popular for home automation setups, as they seamlessly blend with your smart home’s aesthetics.

Wireless Charging Dock

If you own an Echo Dot with a wireless charging feature, like the Echo Dot 4th generation, a wireless charging dock can be a game-changer. Simply place your Echo Dot on the dock, and it will charge without needing to plug and unplug cables. This accessory adds convenience and reduces clutter, making it a must-have for those who appreciate the latest technology.

Carry Cases

If you frequently move your Echo Dot between different rooms or take it on the road, a carry case can help protect it from scratches and damage. These cases are designed to fit your Echo Dot snugly while providing easy access to controls and ports. Some cases even come with built-in handles or straps for added portability.

Echo Dot Speaker Accessories

Accessory NameDescriptionCompatibilityPrice Range ($)User Rating (1-5)
Echo SubAdds deep bass to Echo DotEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen79 – 1294.5
Bose SoundLink MiniPortable Bluetooth speakerAll Echo Dot models149 – 1994.6
JBL Flip 4Waterproof Bluetooth speakerAll Echo Dot models79 – 994.4
Anker SoundCore 2Compact Bluetooth speakerAll Echo Dot models39 – 494.3
Sonos OneHigh-quality smart speakerEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen199 – 2494.7
Ultimate Ears MegaboomWireless speakerAll Echo Dot models149 – 1994.5
Bose Home Speaker 300Premium smart speakerAll Echo Dot models199 – 2494.8
Marshall Kilburn IIVintage Bluetooth speakerAll Echo Dot models199 – 2994.4
Sonos MovePortable smart speakerAll Echo Dot models299 – 3994.7
JBL Charge 4Portable Bluetooth speakerAll Echo Dot models129 – 1594.5

Mounting Accessories

Accessory NameDescriptionCompatibilityPrice Range ($)User Rating (1-5)
Echo Dot Wall MountWall bracket for Echo DotEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen9 – 194.3
Echo Dot Desk StandStand for Echo Dot on a deskEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen9 – 154.2
Echo Dot Ceiling MountCeiling bracketEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen12 – 224.1
Outlet Wall Mount HolderMount with shelfEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen10 – 184.4
Echo Dot Speaker StandStand with integrated speakerEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen29 – 394.0

Skins and Cases

Accessory NameDescriptionCompatibilityPrice Range ($)User Rating (1-5)
Echo Dot Fabric CaseFabric cover for Echo DotEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen10 – 154.3
Echo Dot Silicone CaseProtective silicone coverEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen8 – 124.5
Echo Dot Leather CasePremium leather coverEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen15 – 204.4
Echo Dot Wood SkinWooden skin for a natural lookEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen10 – 154.2
Echo Dot Color SkinColorful skins for personalizationEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen7 – 104.1

Charging Accessories

Accessory NameDescriptionCompatibilityPrice Range ($)User Rating (1-5)
Echo Dot Charging DockDock with integrated chargerEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen19 – 294.4
Echo Dot Portable Battery BaseBattery baseEcho Dot 3rd & 4th Gen29 – 394.3
Echo Dot USB CableExtra-long USB cableAll Echo Dot models5 – 104.5
Echo Dot Car ChargerCar charger for Echo DotAll Echo Dot models9 – 154.2
Echo Dot Wireless ChargerWireless charging padEcho Dot 4th Gen15 – 254.1

Echo Dot Smart Home Accessories

Accessory NameDescriptionCompatibilityPrice Range ($)User Rating (1-5)
Philips Hue Smart BulbsSmart lighting controlAll Echo Dot models12 – 294.6
TP-Link Smart PlugControl appliances remotelyAll Echo Dot models15 – 254.4
Ring Video DoorbellVideo doorbell with AlexaAll Echo Dot models99 – 1994.7
Nest ThermostatSmart thermostat controlAll Echo Dot models129 – 2494.5
August Smart LockKeyless entry with AlexaAll Echo Dot models149 – 1994.3


The Amazon Echo Dot has become a staple in many households, and with the right accessories, you can unlock its full potential and adapt it to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance its audio quality, integrate it with your smart home devices, or customize its appearance, there’s a wide array of accessories available to suit your preferences. By carefully selecting and incorporating these accessories into your Echo Dot setup, you can create a more convenient, stylish, and personalized smart home experience that truly caters to your lifestyle. So, explore your options and take your Echo Dot to new heights today!

Best Echo Dot Accessories

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