netstat specific port

The netstat command is used to display network-related information on a system, including active network connections, listening ports, and various network statistics. information about a particular port using netstatuse the following command to view specific information about a particular port using netstat. netstat -an | grep PORT_NUMBER Replace PORT_NUMBER with the actual port number you … Read more

T-Mobile Okta Voice Call Authentication MFA Blocked-Troubleshooting and Solutions

Are you facing an issue with t mobile Okta’s voice call authentication? facing an issue with Okta’s voice call authentication for multi-factor authentication (MFA) being blocked due to T-Mobile’s spam blocking. t mobile Okta MFA callback notifications: I found that T-Mobile’s protection against “Scam Likely” calls was unintentionally causing issues with receiving Okta’s authentication calls. … Read more

Cradlepoint Default Password

cradlepoint default password

Are you looking for Cradlepoint Default Password then we have got it all covered from all model angles below: Model No Default Username Default Password cradlepoint cba850 n/a admin (sticker on bottom of unit) cradlepoint ibr600 n/a admin the last six digits of the MAC address cradlepoint ibr900 (blank) admin last 6 digits of MAC … Read more

Lexmark Default Admin Password

lexmark default admin password

Are you looking for Lexmark Default Admin Password then we have got it all summed up below in great detail: Default user name: use “admin” or leave it blank Default password: no password /leave blank  Here is the list of all the lexmark default admin password   Model No Default login Default password lexmark cx725 … Read more

Zote vs Fels Naptha

Zote vs Fels Naptha

 I’m really impressed with how both Fels Naptha and Zote fought and cleaned so well. The Zote bar is a good choice because of its simple ingredients, large size, and low price, and Fels-Naptha is a powerful laundry bar that works overtime to remove greasy, oily stains, and perspiration, and clean the stains around the … Read more

Welsummer Eggs vs Maran Eggs


 We have made an effort to provide a comprehensive and informative guide so that you can read all the relevant information about the topic welsummer eggs vs maran eggs. Welsummer and Marans Egg Production Welsummer chickens lay a lot of eggs. They produce large eggs. A single hen can produce 160-180 large and beautiful eggs … Read more

Killing Groundhogs with Antifreeze

killing groundhogs with antifreeze

 Are you sick of dealing with these arrogant Groundhogs and you might consider killing them with antifreeze? Let’s get right into it and learn how to use antifreeze effectively. The use of antifreeze to kill groundhogs has received a lot of attention. Is it, however, effective? We will discuss all aspects, including the best poisons, … Read more