Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Review

Charlotte Tilbury is a renowned British makeup artist known for her line of cosmetics. Among her popular products is the Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick collection. In this review, we’ll explore the key features, pros, and cons of Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks to help you make an informed decision when considering a purchase.

Key Features

1. Luxurious Packaging


Charlotte Tilbury offers an extensive range of lipstick shades, from classic nudes to bold, vibrant colors. Whether you prefer a natural look for daily wear or a statement lip for special occasions, there’s a shade for everyone in this collection.

3. Long-Lasting Formula

These lipsticks are renowned for their long-lasting formula. They glide on smoothly and provide rich, vibrant color that stays put throughout the day. This is especially appreciated for those who don’t want to constantly reapply their lipstick.

4. Hydration and Comfort

Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks are formulated with ingredients like orchid extract and a blend of waxes, which not only provide hydration to your lips but also ensure that the lipstick feels comfortable and doesn’t dry them out.


1. Pigmentation

One of the standout pros of Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks is their excellent pigmentation. The colors are highly saturated, and a single swipe is often enough to achieve full coverage.

2. Versatility

With such a wide range of shades available, these lipsticks cater to various skin tones and makeup preferences. You can easily find shades that are suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.

3. Longevity

The long-lasting formula means you won’t have to worry about constant touch-ups. These lipsticks hold up well even through meals and drinks, making them ideal for events or long days.

4. Comfortable Wear

Despite their durability, Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks feel comfortable on the lips. They don’t leave your lips feeling parched or uncomfortable, which is crucial for those who wear lipstick regularly.


1. Price Point

Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks are considered high-end cosmetics, and their price reflects that. While they offer quality and luxury, they may not be budget-friendly for everyone.

2. Limited Availability

Depending on your location, you may not have easy access to Charlotte Tilbury products. They are often found in upscale department stores or through the brand’s website, which can be less convenient for some consumers.

3. Limited Finish Variety

While Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks offer a wide spectrum of colors, they primarily come in two main finishes: matte and satin. If you prefer a glossy or metallic finish, you might need to explore other brands, as the collection focuses primarily on these two classic options.

4. Transfer

Although the lipstick is long-lasting, some shades may transfer onto cups or clothing, particularly the more vibrant and darker colors. While this can be managed with a good lip liner or setting powder, it’s important to be mindful of this potential issue, especially during events where smudging can be a concern.

User Experience

A significant part of the charm of Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks is the overall user experience. The brand has established itself not only for its product quality but also for the luxurious and glamorous feeling it imparts. Customers often report feeling like they’re treating themselves to a little luxury every time they use one of these lipsticks. The packaging is not only beautiful but also practical, with a satisfying magnetic closure that ensures your lipstick stays safe in your handbag.

Additionally, many users appreciate that the lipstick is not scented or has a very subtle scent, which is suitable for those who are sensitive to fragrances in cosmetics.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Products

Product NameShadeFinishPriceAvailability
Matte RevolutionPillow TalkMatte$34.00Sephora, CT Website
K.I.S.S.I.N.GBitch PerfectSatin$32.00Nordstrom, CT Website
Hot LipsKim K.W.Matte$37.00Bloomingdale’s
Hollywood LipsScreen SirenLiquid$34.00Neiman Marcus
Superstar LipsHappy LipsGlossy$34.00CT Website, Sephora
Matte RevolutionRed Carpet RedMatte$34.00Nordstrom
K.I.S.S.I.N.GNude KateSatin$32.00Sephora
Hot LipsElectric PoppyMatte$37.00CT Website
Hollywood LipsDangerous LiaisonLiquid$34.00Sephora, Neiman Marcus
Superstar LipsWalk of ShameGlossy$34.00Nordstrom, CT Website

Shades and Descriptions

Shade NameFinishColor DescriptionUndertoneBest Occasions
Pillow TalkMatteNude pinkNeutralEveryday, Natural
Red CarpetSatinClassic redCoolSpecial events
Bitch PerfectCreamPeachy nudeWarmDaytime wear
Walk of ShameMatteBerry roseNeutralFall/Winter
Very VictoriaMatteTaupe nudeCoolVersatile
Lost CherryMatteCherry redWarmBold statements
Hepburn HoneySatinHoney beigeNeutralElegant look
Bond GirlMatteNatural berryWarmAlluring
Super CindyMatteTerracottaWarmTrendy
Electric PoppyMatteBright coral-redCoolSummer vibes


Shade NameRicinus Communis Seed OilDiisostearyl MalatePentaerythrityl TetraisostearateOctyldodecanolCaprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Pillow Talk
Red Carpet
Bitch Perfect
Walk of Shame
Very Victoria
Lost Cherry
Hepburn Honey
Bond Girl
Super Cindy
Electric Poppy

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

  1. Exfoliate and Moisturize: For the best application and longevity, make sure your lips are well-exfoliated and moisturized before applying. Dry or flaky lips can affect how the lipstick looks and lasts.
  2. Use a Lip Liner: To prevent feathering or bleeding, consider using a lip liner that matches your lipstick shade. This can help define your lips and create a more polished look.
  3. Blot and Set: After applying your lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue and lightly dust them with translucent setting powder. This can enhance the lipstick’s staying power and reduce transfer.
  4. Experiment with Mixing: Charlotte Tilbury’s wide range of shades encourages experimentation. Don’t hesitate to mix and match colors to create your custom shades for unique looks.

Final Thoughts

Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks are a symbol of luxury in the makeup industry, known for their exquisite packaging, wide shade range, and long-lasting formula. While they are not the most budget-friendly option, they provide a premium makeup experience that many beauty enthusiasts appreciate. The pros, including excellent pigmentation, versatility, longevity, and comfortable wear, outweigh the cons for many users.

Ultimately, choosing a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick is not just about buying makeup; it’s about indulging in a bit of everyday luxury and glamour. If that aligns with your beauty philosophy and you’re comfortable with the price point, these lipsticks are certainly worth the investment.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Review

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