Does Cutting paper with Fabric Scissors Dulls The Scissor Blade

Cutting paper with fabric scissors is a common practice in households and craft projects. However, concerns often arise regarding whether this can dull the scissor blade over time. This article explores the relationship between cutting paper with fabric scissors and the potential dulling of scissor blades.

The Anatomy of Scissor Blades:


To assess whether cutting paper dulls scissor blades designed for fabric, we must consider the differences between the two materials. Paper is relatively abrasive, especially when compared to fabric. Fabric is softer and less likely to cause wear on the blades. Paper, on the other hand, may contain abrasive particles, like wood fibers, that can gradually wear down the blade’s sharpness.

Impact of Cutting Paper:

When you cut paper with fabric scissors, several factors can contribute to blade dulling:

  1. Abrasion: Paper fibers can cause friction and wear on the scissor blades, leading to dullness over time.
  2. Residue Buildup: Paper may leave residue on the blades, reducing their sharpness and causing them to stick together.
  3. Blade Coating: Some scissors have a special coating that enhances their durability. Cutting paper can wear away this coating, leaving the blades more vulnerable to dulling.

Maintenance and Care:

To mitigate the dulling effect when cutting paper with fabric scissors, it’s important to follow these maintenance and care tips:

  1. Clean Blades: Regularly wipe the scissor blades clean with a damp cloth or paper towel to remove any paper residue.
  2. Lubrication: Apply scissor lubricant or a drop of sewing machine oil to the pivot point to maintain smooth operation.
  3. Use for Intended Materials: Whenever possible, reserve fabric scissors for cutting fabric exclusively and use dedicated paper scissors for paper cutting tasks.
  4. Sharpening: Periodically sharpen your fabric scissors using a sharpening stone or professional scissor sharpening service.

Additional Considerations:

While the impact of cutting paper with fabric scissors on blade dullness is a concern, there are a few more factors to consider:

  1. Scissor Quality: The quality of the scissors plays a significant role in how they withstand paper cutting. High-quality fabric scissors are often designed to be more resilient to abrasion and maintain their sharpness for longer periods compared to cheaper alternatives.
  2. Frequency of Paper Cutting: If you infrequently cut paper with fabric scissors, the dulling effect may be minimal. However, if you regularly use them for paper cutting tasks, you might notice a quicker deterioration in sharpness.
  3. Paper Type: The type of paper being cut can also affect blade dullness. Thick or heavy-duty paper, such as cardboard or cardstock, is more likely to cause wear on the blades compared to thin, lightweight paper.
  4. Technique: How you cut the paper matters. Using a slicing motion rather than a chopping one can reduce the force applied to the blades and mitigate some of the dulling effects.
  5. Blade Material: Some fabric scissors come with blades made from higher-quality steel or alloy, making them more resistant to dulling. Consider investing in scissors with superior blade materials if you anticipate frequently cutting paper.
  6. Alternative Scissor Options: If you’re concerned about dulling your fabric scissors, you may opt for dedicated paper scissors. These are designed specifically for paper cutting tasks and can extend the life of your fabric scissors.
  7. Reversibility: In most cases, the dulling of scissor blades due to paper cutting is reversible through sharpening. Regular maintenance and sharpening can restore the sharpness of your scissors and prolong their usability.


Scissor Blade Dullness Comparison

Scissor TypeAverage Blade Sharpness (Before)Average Blade Sharpness (After)

Comparison of Paper Cutting Time

Scissor TypeTime for 100 Paper Cuts (seconds)Time for 500 Paper Cuts (seconds)

User Feedback on Scissor Performance

Scissor TypeComfort While Cutting Paper (1-5 Scale)Ease of Cutting (1-5 Scale)Blade Durability (1-5 Scale)

Materials Cut with Fabric Scissors

Scissor TypeTypes of Materials Cut with Fabric Scissors
FabricPaper, thin fabric, cardboard, plastic wrap, tape, labels, ribbon, etc.

Final Thoughts:

While cutting paper with fabric scissors may dull the blades over time, it is not a cause for alarm. With proper care, maintenance, and occasional sharpening, you can mitigate the effects and enjoy the versatility of your fabric scissors for both fabric and paper cutting tasks. Investing in high-quality scissors and being mindful of the materials and techniques you use can further extend their lifespan, ensuring they remain an essential tool in your sewing and crafting endeavors.

Does Cutting paper with Fabric Scissors Dulls The Scissor Blade

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