How To Make Machine Embroidery Designs On Procreate

Machine embroidery is a popular craft that allows you to create intricate and customized designs on fabric using an embroidery machine. Procreate, a powerful digital drawing and painting app for iPad, can be a fantastic tool for designing embroidery patterns. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of creating machine embroidery designs on Procreate, including the essential steps and tips to help you get started.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials


Create a comfortable and organized workspace. Ensure good lighting and a clean, flat surface for your iPad and materials.

Step 3: Choose Your Design

Start by selecting or creating a design suitable for machine embroidery. If you’re new to embroidery, it’s wise to choose a simple design for your first project. You can find embroidery design templates online or draw your own.

Step 4: Create a New Canvas in Procreate

Open Procreate and create a new canvas with dimensions that match the embroidery hoop size you’ll be using. Consider a canvas size that’s slightly larger than your embroidery area to allow for some margin.

Step 5: Design Your Embroidery

Now, it’s time to bring your design to life in Procreate:

  1. Sketch the Design: Begin by sketching your design on the canvas using the drawing tools in Procreate. Remember to keep your lines clean and well-defined, as this will translate into your embroidery.
  2. Choose Colors: Select the embroidery thread colors you’ll use and apply them to your design. Procreate allows you to create custom color palettes, making it easy to match your threads accurately.
  3. Add Details: Use the various Procreate brushes and tools to add intricate details and texture to your design. Be mindful of the stitch density, as highly detailed areas might require a lot of thread.
  4. Review and Refine: Take your time to review and refine your design until you’re satisfied with how it looks on the digital canvas.

Step 6: Export Your Design

Once your embroidery design is complete, export it as a high-resolution image file, such as PNG or JPEG. This file will be transferred to your embroidery machine.

Step 7: Prepare Your Embroidery Machine

Set up your embroidery machine according to the fabric and stabilizer you’ve chosen. Thread the machine with the selected colors and hoop the fabric securely.

Step 8: Transfer the Design to Your Machine

Transfer your embroidery design file from your iPad to a USB drive. Insert the USB drive into your embroidery machine and load the design.

Step 9: Embroider Your Design

Follow your embroidery machine’s instructions to begin the stitching process. Make sure the thread tension and settings are correct for your design.

Step 10: Final Touches

Once the embroidery is complete, remove the fabric from the hoop and trim any loose threads. If needed, wash or press the fabric according to the care instructions.

Tips and Considerations

  • Practice: Embroidery, like any craft, takes practice. Start with simple designs and gradually work your way up to more complex ones.
  • Thread Selection: Always use high-quality embroidery thread for best results.
  • Experiment: Procreate offers various brushes and tools. Experiment with different techniques to achieve the desired texture and effects in your designs.
  • Stitch Density: Be mindful of the stitch density in your design, as it can affect the final result and the time it takes to embroider.
  • Tension and Hooping: Proper tension and hooping are crucial for a successful embroidery project. Follow your machine’s guidelines closely.


Tools and Materials

Procreate AppDigital illustration software for iPadDesign creation$9.99/monthApp Store
iPad ProTablet with Apple Pencil supportDigital canvasVariesApple Store
Apple PencilStylus for precise drawingDrawing and editing$129Apple Store
Embroidery MachineComputerized embroidery machineFinal design executionVariesEmbroidery Supplier
Embroidery ThreadVarious thread colorsStitching designVariesCraft Store

Design Creation Steps

StepDescriptionDetailsTools/Materials Used
1Sketch DesignCreate a rough design sketchProcreate, Apple Pencil
2Digital DesignRefine sketch digitallyProcreate, iPad Pro
3Export DesignSave design as PNG or JPEGProcreate
4Convert to Embroidery FormatUse embroidery softwareEmbroidery Software
5Load Design to Embroidery MachineTransfer the designEmbroidery Machine, USB

Design Considerations

AspectDescriptionImportant Factors
SizeDesign dimensionsFit within embroidery hoop
ColorsColor selection and thread matchingMatch thread to design
ComplexityIntricacy of the designBalance detail and stitch time
Stitch DensityNumber of stitches per inchAvoid excessive density
FabricMaterial for embroideryChoose appropriate fabric

Troubleshooting Tips

Thread BreakageThread keeps breaking during embroideryCheck thread tension, replace needle
Design MisalignmentDesign doesn’t align properlyRehoop fabric, reposition design
Stitching ErrorsStitches aren’t forming correctlyReview design file, recalibrate machine
Fabric PuckeringFabric bunches up during embroideryUse stabilizer, adjust tension
Color MismatchThread color doesn’t match designCheck thread inventory, adjust settings

Maintenance Schedule

Clean MachineAfter every projectRemove lint, oil as needed
Bobbin ChangeAs neededWhen thread runs out
Needle ReplacementEvery 15 hours of usePrevents dull or bent needles
Software UpdatesAs released by ProcreateKeep software up-to-date
CalibrationAnnually or when necessaryEnsure accurate stitching

By following these steps and considering the provided tips, you can create beautiful and personalized machine embroidery designs using Procreate. With practice, you’ll improve your skills and unlock the potential for intricate and custom creations. Happy embroidering!


How To Make Machine Embroidery Designs On Procreate

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