Are Jeep and Ford Wheels Interchangeable

When it comes to wheel interchangeability between different automotive brands, there are several factors to consider. In the case of Jeep and Ford, two prominent American automakers, the compatibility of their wheels can be a matter of interest for vehicle enthusiasts and owners. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of whether Jeep and Ford wheels can be interchanged.

Bolt Pattern and Hub Size


Because of these variations, it’s crucial to ensure that the bolt pattern and hub size of the wheels you want to interchange are compatible between the Jeep and Ford models in question. If the bolt pattern and hub size don’t match, the wheels won’t fit without modification.

Wheel Offset and Backspacing

Another critical consideration is wheel offset and backspacing. These measurements determine how far the wheel sits in or out from the vehicle’s hub. If the offset or backspacing differs significantly between Jeep and Ford wheels, it can lead to problems with clearance, suspension, and handling.

  • Jeep: Jeep wheels often have a more positive offset, which means they are pushed farther into the wheel well. This is due to the design of Jeep vehicles, which prioritize off-road capabilities. Jeep wheels may also have a deeper backspacing.
  • Ford: Ford wheels, depending on the model, may have varying offsets and backspacing. Many Ford trucks and SUVs have wheels with more neutral offsets compared to Jeeps.

It’s essential to match the wheel offset and backspacing to the vehicle’s specifications to avoid issues with rubbing against the fenders, suspension components, or brakes.

Wheel Size and Tire Compatibility

Wheel size is another crucial factor. While it’s possible to physically mount a wheel from one vehicle onto another if the bolt pattern and hub size match, you must also consider tire size compatibility. Different vehicles have different wheel well sizes and suspension clearances, which can impact the size of the tires that can be safely installed.

  • Jeep: Jeep models often have more significant wheel wells, especially in off-road-oriented vehicles like the Wrangler. This allows for larger tires.
  • Ford: Ford vehicles have varying wheel well sizes depending on the model and purpose. Some Ford trucks can accommodate larger tires, while sedans and smaller SUVs may have more limited space.

When swapping wheels between Jeep and Ford vehicles, ensure that the tire size matches the intended vehicle’s specifications to maintain proper fitment and prevent issues like rubbing or decreased handling performance.

Aftermarket Solutions

If you are determined to interchange wheels between a Jeep and a Ford but encounter compatibility issues, there are aftermarket solutions available. Wheel spacers, adapters, and custom modifications can sometimes be used to make wheels fit on vehicles with different specifications. However, these modifications should be approached with caution, as they can affect safety and handling if not done correctly.

Compatibility by Model

ModelJeep CompatibilityFord CompatibilityInterchangeable?Notes
Jeep WranglerYesYesYesStandard 5×127 mm bolt pattern.
Jeep CherokeeYesYesYesBoth use 5×114.3 mm bolt pattern.
Ford F-150YesYesYesCommon 6×135 mm bolt pattern.
Ford EscapeYesYesYesBoth use 5×108 mm bolt pattern.
Jeep Grand CherokeeYesYesYesStandard 5×127 mm bolt pattern.
Ford MustangYesYesYesSome aftermarket options may vary.
Jeep RenegadeYesYesYesBoth use 5×110 mm bolt pattern.
Ford ExplorerYesYesYesCommon 5×114.3 mm bolt pattern.
Jeep CompassYesYesYesBoth use 5×110 mm bolt pattern.
Ford RangerYesYesYesStandard 6×139.7 mm bolt pattern.

Wheel Size Compatibility

Wheel Size (inches)Jeep CompatibilityFord CompatibilityInterchangeable?Notes
17YesYesYesCommon size for many models.
18YesYesYesPopular size for SUVs and trucks.
19YesYesYesSome high-end models may have this size.
20YesYesYesFound on many larger SUVs and trucks.
22YesYesYesOften used for customization.
24YesYesYesMainly for customization and off-road use.
16YesYesYesSmaller size, common for compact SUVs.
21YesYesYesLess common, but still available.
15YesYesYesCommon size for older models.
23YesYesYesUncommon size, mostly for customization.

Wheel Material Compatibility

Wheel MaterialJeep CompatibilityFord CompatibilityInterchangeable?Notes
AluminumYesYesYesStandard material for modern wheels.
SteelYesYesYesCommon for off-road and budget models.
AlloyYesYesYesLightweight and durable; used on many models.
ChromeYesYesYesOften used for aesthetic purposes.
ForgedYesYesYesHigh-performance and custom applications.
MagnesiumRareRareRareUncommon due to cost and weight.
Carbon FiberNoNoNoExtremely rare in OEM applications.
PlasticNoNoNoNot used for wheel construction.
FiberglassNoNoNoNot used for wheel construction.
WoodNoNoNoSpecialty wheels for custom projects.

Bolt Pattern Compatibility

Bolt Pattern (mm)Jeep CompatibilityFord CompatibilityInterchangeable?Notes
5×127YesYesYesCommon for Jeep Wrangler and Ford F-150.
5×114.3YesYesYesUsed by Jeep Cherokee and Ford Explorer.
6×135YesYesYesStandard for Ford F-150.
5×108YesYesYesFound on Jeep Compass and Ford Escape.
5×110YesYesYesUsed in Jeep Renegade and Ford Focus.
6×139.7YesYesYesStandard for Ford Ranger.
5×115NoRareNoUncommon; not typically interchangeable.
5×120NoNoNoNot used by either manufacturer.
6×114.3NoNoNoUncommon; not typically interchangeable.
4×100NoNoNoNot used by either manufacturer.

Aftermarket Wheel Options

Aftermarket BrandJeep CompatibilityFord CompatibilityInterchangeable?Notes
EnkeiYesYesYesOffers various sizes and styles.
BBSYesYesYesKnown for high-performance wheels.
American RacingYesYesYesOffers classic and custom designs.
TSWYesYesYesFeatures a range of sizes and finishes.
Fuel Off-RoadYesYesYesSpecializes in off-road and truck wheels.
RotiformYesYesYesKnown for unique and custom designs.
Method Race WheelsYesYesYesPopular for off-road and racing applications.
XXRYesYesYesOffers budget-friendly options.
KMC WheelsYesYesYesKnown for their diverse lineup.
VossenYesYesYesOffers high-end and luxury options.


In summary, the interchangeability of Jeep and Ford wheels depends on several factors, including bolt pattern, hub size, wheel offset, backspacing, wheel size, and tire compatibility. While it is possible to swap wheels between these two brands under certain conditions, it’s essential to carefully match these specifications to ensure proper fitment and safety. If in doubt, consult with a qualified mechanic or specialist who can provide guidance on wheel interchangeability for your specific Jeep and Ford models.

Are Jeep and Ford Wheels Interchangeable

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