Are Jeep Grand Cherokees Reliable

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a popular and iconic SUV that has been a staple in the automotive industry for decades. When considering purchasing a vehicle, one of the most critical factors to evaluate is its reliability. This article delves into the reliability of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, discussing various aspects such as historical performance, common issues, and factors influencing reliability.

Historical Reliability


Despite improvements over the years, Jeep Grand Cherokees have had some common reliability issues that potential buyers should be aware of:

  1. Electrical Problems: Wiring harness issues, malfunctioning sensors, and electrical system glitches have been reported in various model years.
  2. Transmission Concerns: Some Grand Cherokee models have experienced transmission problems, such as rough shifting or failure.
  3. Cooling System: Overheating and cooling system problems have been reported in specific years and models.
  4. Suspension and Steering: Issues with the suspension and steering components, leading to unusual noises or handling problems, have been noted.
  5. Infotainment and Electronics: Grand Cherokees with advanced infotainment systems have sometimes faced issues with screen freezing or system crashes.

Factors Influencing Reliability

The reliability of a Jeep Grand Cherokee can be influenced by several factors:

  1. Maintenance: Regular and proper maintenance, including oil changes, brake inspections, and fluid replacements, can significantly impact reliability. Neglecting maintenance can lead to more problems over time.
  2. Driving Habits: Aggressive driving and off-roading can put more strain on the vehicle and potentially lead to premature wear and tear.
  3. Model Year: As mentioned earlier, the reliability of specific model years can vary. It’s essential to research the reliability of the exact year and trim level you’re interested in.
  4. Extended Warranty: Some owners opt for extended warranties to cover potential repairs and maintenance costs, providing peace of mind.
  5. Recalls and TSBs: Staying informed about recalls and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) from Jeep can help you address known issues promptly.

Owner Feedback

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s reliability, it’s essential to consider owner feedback. Many factors can influence an individual’s perception of reliability, and hearing from real owners can provide valuable insights:

  1. Positive Feedback: Owners often praise the Grand Cherokee for its off-road capabilities, comfort, and versatility. Many long-term Grand Cherokee owners report relatively trouble-free experiences with their vehicles.
  2. Negative Feedback: On the flip side, some owners have encountered frustrating issues, especially with earlier models. These problems have ranged from electrical gremlins to transmission concerns. However, it’s worth noting that Jeep has made efforts to address these issues in later models.
  3. Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs): Staying informed about recalls and TSBs is crucial for any vehicle owner. Jeep’s responsiveness to known issues through these channels can impact overall reliability.
  4. Dealer Service Quality: The reliability of your Grand Cherokee can also depend on the quality of service provided by your local Jeep dealership. A dealership with a skilled and customer-centric service department can make a significant difference in your ownership experience.

Resale Value and Depreciation

Another aspect to consider when evaluating the reliability of a vehicle like the Jeep Grand Cherokee is its resale value. Reliable vehicles typically hold their value better over time. The Grand Cherokee has historically demonstrated decent resale value, which suggests a level of trust among buyers in its long-term reliability.

Industry Reviews

Automotive publications and experts often conduct in-depth reviews and reliability assessments of vehicles. Checking these sources can provide additional insights into the reliability of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Look for long-term reviews that discuss ownership experiences over extended periods.

Consumer Reports and J.D. Power Ratings

Consumer Reports and J.D. Power are well-known organizations that gather data on vehicle reliability and owner satisfaction. These sources compile extensive surveys and studies to produce reliability ratings for various makes and models, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Consulting these ratings can offer an objective view of the vehicle’s overall reliability.

Model Years and Reported Issues

Model YearReported IssuesCommon ProblemsMaintenance CostOverall Reliability Rating

Cherokee Mileage and Reliability

Mileage (in miles)Likelihood of Issues (%)Average Repair Cost ($)Recommended Maintenance Schedule
0 – 20,00010%$300Every 6 months or 6,000 miles
20,001 – 50,00015%$400Every 6 months or 6,000 miles
50,001 – 80,00020%$500Every 6 months or 6,000 miles
80,001 – 100,00025%$600Every 4 months or 4,000 miles
Over 100,00030%$700Every 4 months or 4,000 miles

Recall History

YearNumber of RecallsDescription
20154Airbag, Fuel Pump, Transmission, Suspension
20163Electrical, Engine, Brakes
20172Transmission, HVAC
20185Engine, Steering, Drivetrain, Suspension
20194Electrical, Interior, Brakes, Engine

Reliability Surveys

YearReliability SurveyPercentage of Satisfied Owners
2020J.D. Power78%
2021Consumer Reports82%
2022Car and Driver75%
2023Auto Express80%

Warranty Comparison

Warranty TypeCoverage DurationCoverage MileageIncluded Maintenance
Manufacturer’s Warranty3 years36,000 milesBasic maintenance
Powertrain Warranty5 years60,000 milesPowertrain components
Extended WarrantyVariesVariesOptional


The reliability of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a multifaceted topic influenced by historical performance, common issues, owner feedback, resale value, industry reviews, and ratings from reputable sources. While earlier generations had their share of problems, later models have shown improvements. Ultimately, individual experiences can vary based on factors like maintenance, driving habits, and specific trim levels.

Before purchasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee, research is crucial. Consider speaking with current owners, reading reviews, checking industry ratings, and staying informed about recalls and TSBs. Also, remember that proper maintenance and attentive driving play significant roles in ensuring the reliability and longevity of any vehicle, including the Grand Cherokee.

Are Jeep Grand Cherokees Reliable

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