Kenmore Refrigerator 795 Ice Maker Problem

The Kenmore Refrigerator 795 is a popular household appliance known for its reliability and convenience. However, like any other machine, it can experience issues from time to time. One common problem that Kenmore Refrigerator 795 owners may encounter is ice maker malfunctions. In this guide, we will delve into the possible causes and solutions for addressing an ice maker problem in a Kenmore Refrigerator 795.

Common Symptoms of Ice Maker Problems



Common Kenmore Refrigerator 795 Ice Maker Problems

Problem DescriptionPossible CausesTroubleshooting StepsCost EstimateDIY Fix Difficulty
Ice maker not making iceWater inlet valve, clogged water line, faulty ice maker1. Check water supply. 2. Inspect water inlet valve. 3. Test ice maker assembly.$20-$200Moderate
Ice cubes are too smallLow water pressure, defective ice maker thermostat1. Adjust water pressure. 2. Replace thermostat.$10-$50Easy
Ice tastes badDirty water filter, old ice, impurities in water supply1. Replace water filter. 2. Dump old ice. 3. Clean water supply line.$10-$30Easy
Ice maker leaking waterCracked water fill tube, defective water inlet valve1. Inspect water fill tube. 2. Check water inlet valve.$20-$100Moderate
Ice dispenser not workingFaulty dispenser motor, frozen dispenser door1. Test dispenser motor. 2. Defrost dispenser door.$30-$100Moderate

Required Tools for Kenmore Refrigerator 795 Ice Maker Repair

Tool NameDescriptionCommon UseCostAvailability
ScrewdriverPhillips and flat-headOpening panels, tightening screws$5-$15Easily accessible
MultimeterMeasures electrical currentDiagnosing electrical issues$15-$50Hardware stores
Pipe CleanerThin, flexible brushCleaning water lines$2-$5Hardware stores
Adjustable WrenchAdjustable jaw widthTurning nuts and bolts$10-$20Hardware stores
HairdryerBlows warm airDefrosting frozen parts$15-$30Household item

 Replacement Parts for Kenmore Refrigerator 795 Ice Maker

Part NameDescriptionAverage CostCompatibilityInstallation Difficulty
Water Inlet ValveControls water flow to ice maker$20-$50Kenmore 795 modelsModerate
Ice Maker AssemblyEntire ice maker unit$50-$150Kenmore 795 modelsModerate
Water FilterRemoves impurities from water supply$10-$30Kenmore 795 modelsEasy
Dispenser MotorControls ice and water dispensing$30-$80Kenmore 795 modelsModerate
ThermostatRegulates ice cube size$10-$20Kenmore 795 modelsEasy

Common Error Codes for Kenmore Refrigerator 795 Ice Makers

Error CodeDescriptionPossible Solutions
E1Ice maker sensor failureReplace ice maker sensor
E2Ice maker motor failureReplace ice maker motor
E3Water inlet valve issueCheck water supply, replace valve
E4Ice maker thermostat malfunctionReplace ice maker thermostat
E5Dispenser motor failureReplace dispenser motor

Maintenance Tips for Kenmore Refrigerator 795 Ice Maker

Clean water filterEvery 6 months
Inspect water supply line for leaksAnnually
Dump old ice regularlyMonthly
Clean the ice maker and binQuarterly
Check for ice blockages in the dispenserAs needed


Addressing ice maker problems in a Kenmore Refrigerator 795 often involves a systematic approach, starting with basic troubleshooting steps like checking water supply and temperature settings. If these do not resolve the issue, it may be necessary to inspect and replace specific components. Regular maintenance and ensuring proper water quality can also prevent future problems with your ice maker. Remember to consult your refrigerator’s user manual for model-specific guidance, and if in doubt, seek assistance from a qualified appliance technician to ensure a proper diagnosis and repair. With patience and the right approach, you can enjoy a fully functional ice maker in your Kenmore Refrigerator 795.

Kenmore Refrigerator 795 Ice Maker Problem

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