LG Washing Machine Cycles Explained

LG washing machines are known for their advanced technology and a variety of wash cycles to suit different laundry needs. Understanding these cycles can help you make the most of your LG washing machine and ensure your clothes are cleaned effectively and efficiently. In this guide, we’ll explore the various washing machine cycles offered by LG and explain when and how to use them.

1. Normal Cycle

  • Description: The Normal cycle is the most commonly used cycle for everyday laundry. It’s designed to clean a wide range of fabrics, from cotton to synthetic materials, without causing excessive wear and tear.
  • When to Use: Use the Normal cycle for your regular laundry, such as t-shirts, jeans, and most everyday clothing items.

2. Heavy Duty Cycle

  • Description: The Heavy Duty cycle is ideal for heavily soiled items, like workwear, bedding, and heavily stained clothes. It provides a longer wash time and higher agitation to tackle tough dirt and stains.
  • When to Use: Use the Heavy Duty cycle when you have heavily soiled or stained items that need deep cleaning.

3. Delicates Cycle

  • Description: The Delicates cycle is gentle and designed to protect delicate fabrics like silk, lace, and lingerie. It uses a slower spin speed and less agitation to prevent damage.
  • When to Use: Use the Delicates cycle for your delicate and fragile clothing items that require special care.

4. Speed Wash Cycle

  • Description: The Speed Wash cycle is a quick wash option that gets your laundry done in a fraction of the time. It’s perfect for lightly soiled clothes when you’re in a hurry.
  • When to Use: Use the Speed Wash cycle for small loads or when you need to wash clothes quickly.

5. Allergiene Cycle

  • Description: The Allergiene cycle is designed to remove allergens such as dust mites and pet dander. It uses high heat and additional rinse cycles to ensure thorough cleaning.
  • When to Use: Use the Allergiene cycle if you or your family members have allergies or sensitivities to allergens.

6. Bedding Cycle

  • Description: The Bedding cycle is tailored for washing large items like comforters, blankets, and pillows. It provides extra space and agitation for even cleaning.
  • When to Use: Use the Bedding cycle when washing bulky bedding items that won’t fit comfortably in a regular load.

7. Towels Cycle

  • Description: The Towels cycle is optimized for washing towels and other heavy fabrics. It includes extra rinses to ensure detergent residue is removed, leaving towels soft and absorbent.
  • When to Use: Use the Towels cycle when washing towels and other heavy fabrics to maintain their quality.

8. Sportswear Cycle

  • Description: The Sportswear cycle is designed to clean athletic and workout clothing effectively. It uses lower spin speeds and gentle agitation to prevent damage to activewear fabrics.
  • When to Use: Use the Sportswear cycle for your gym clothes, sports jerseys, and other athletic apparel.

9. Rinse + Spin Cycle

  • Description: The Rinse + Spin cycle is a quick cycle that focuses on rinsing and spinning your clothes. It’s useful for removing excess detergent or for quickly freshening up lightly worn items.
  • When to Use: Use the Rinse + Spin cycle when you want to rinse your clothes without going through a full wash cycle.

10. Downloaded Cycles

  • Description: Many LG washing machines offer the option to download additional wash cycles, which can be customized based on your specific needs. These cycles can include settings for specific stains or fabric types.
  • When to Use: Downloaded cycles are handy when you have unique laundry requirements not covered by the standard cycles.


Understanding these LG washing machine cycles allows you to maximize the cleaning power of your machine while taking care of your clothes. Always consult your washing machine’s user manual for specific instructions and recommended settings for your model, as features and cycle options may vary.


LG Washing Machine Cycles Explained

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