Maytag Bravos MCT Washer Reset

The Maytag Bravos MCT washer is a popular household appliance known for its efficiency and durability. However, like any electronic device, it may encounter issues from time to time that require a reset to resolve. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to perform a reset on your Maytag Bravos MCT washer.

Why Reset Your Maytag Bravos MCT Washer?


Here are the steps to reset your Maytag Bravos MCT washer:

Step 1: Turn Off the Washer

Make sure the washer is plugged in and connected to a power source. If it’s currently running, stop the cycle by pressing the “Pause” or “Cancel” button. Then, press the “Power” button to turn it off if it’s not already.

Step 2: Unplug the Washer

For a thorough reset, unplug the washer from the electrical outlet. Wait for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute before plugging it back in. This brief period allows any residual power in the washer to dissipate.

Step 3: Plug It Back In

After waiting for the designated time, plug the washer back into the electrical outlet.

Step 4: Power On

Press the “Power” button to turn the washer back on. The control panel should illuminate, indicating that it has successfully powered up.

Step 5: Select a Cycle

Choose a cycle and settings as you normally would for your laundry load. Start the cycle to see if the issue has been resolved.

Step 6: Observe

Keep a close eye on the washer as it progresses through the cycle. Ensure that it doesn’t display any error codes or experience any issues that prompted the reset. Listen for unusual sounds or vibrations that might indicate a more significant problem.

When to Seek Professional Help

While a reset can often resolve minor issues, there are situations where it’s advisable to contact a qualified technician or the manufacturer’s customer support for further assistance:

  • Persistent Issues: If your Maytag Bravos MCT washer continues to malfunction or display error codes after resetting, it’s a sign of a more significant problem that requires professional diagnosis and repair.
  • Unusual Noises or Vibrations: If the washer makes unusual sounds or vibrates excessively during operation, it may indicate mechanical issues that a reset can’t fix. Continuing to use the washer in such conditions can lead to further damage.
  • Leaking Water: If you notice water leaking from the washer, immediately stop using it and seek professional assistance. Water leaks can cause electrical hazards and property damage.
  • Electrical Problems: If you suspect electrical issues, such as frequent tripping of circuit breakers when the washer is in use, turn off the appliance and consult an electrician before using it again.
BrandModelFeatureReset MethodUser Manual Reference
MaytagBravosMCT TechnologyPower CyclePage 12
MaytagBravosMCT TechnologyButton Combination ResetPage 16
MaytagBravosMCT TechnologyControl Panel ResetPage 20
MaytagBravosMCT TechnologyFactory Reset through SettingsPage 25
MaytagBravosMCT TechnologyHard Reset (Unplug and Replug)User Guide Troubleshooting
MaytagBravosMCT TechnologyRemote Reset via Smartphone AppManufacturer Support
MaytagBravosMCT TechnologyAutomatic Reset after Error Code
MaytagBravosMCT TechnologyRemote Diagnostic ResetManufacturer Support
MaytagBravosMCT TechnologyFirmware Update ResetUser Guide Firmware Update
MaytagBravosMCT TechnologyCustomer Support Guided ResetManufacturer Support


ModelReset MethodDisplay IndicationDurationEffect on Settings
BravosPower CycleNo displayBrief (seconds)None
BravosButton Combination ResetError Codes, MessagesShort (seconds)Cleared, Back to Default
BravosControl Panel ResetDisplay ChangesModerate (minutes)Cleared, Some Defaults
BravosFactory Reset through SettingsDisplay PromptsModerate (minutes)All Settings Cleared
BravosHard Reset (Unplug and Replug)No displayBrief (seconds)Power-Cycle Reset
BravosRemote Reset via Smartphone AppApp NotificationInstantaneousUser’s Choice
BravosAutomatic Reset after Error CodeError Code DisplayInstantaneousClears Specific Error
BravosRemote Diagnostic ResetTechnician NotificationInstantaneousDiagnostic Connection
BravosFirmware Update ResetUpdate PromptModerate (minutes)Reset for Update
BravosCustomer Support Guided ResetUser Support GuidanceVariesCustomized Assistance


Reset MethodSteps to Perform ResetPrecautionsApplicabilityAdditional Notes
Power CycleUnplug from Power, Wait, Plug Back InEnsure Proper Outlet ConnectionQuick Reset for Minor GlitchesCommon First Step
Button Combination ResetPress Specific Buttons in SequenceRefer to User Manual for SafetyResetting Common ErrorsButton Combination Varies
Control Panel ResetNavigate to Reset Option, ConfirmNoneResetting Custom SettingsRequires Display Interaction
Factory Reset through SettingsAccess Menu, Choose Factory ResetBackup Preferences Before ResetFull Settings Revert to DefaultData Loss Possible
Hard Reset (Unplug and Replug)Unplug, Wait, Plug Back InNoneGeneral TroubleshootingSimilar to Power Cycle
Remote Reset via Smartphone AppOpen App, Locate Reset Option, ConfirmStable Internet ConnectionRemote ManagementApp-Based Convenience
Automatic Reset after Error CodeWait for Error Code, Auto Reset OccursNoneError-Specific ResetDepends on Error
Remote Diagnostic ResetTechnician Triggers Reset RemotelyNoneTechnical TroubleshootingRequires Technician Access
Firmware Update ResetFollow Firmware Update InstructionsStable Internet, Power SupplyPost-Update ConfigurationPart of Firmware Update Process
Customer Support Guided ResetFollow Support’s InstructionsNoneComplex Issues ResolutionExpert Guidance


Reset MethodUser Skill LevelTime RequiredTools NeededReset Outcome
Power CycleBeginnerSecondsNoneQuick Restart
Button Combination ResetIntermediateShortNoneError Clearance
Control Panel ResetBeginnerMinutesNoneCustom Settings Reset
Factory Reset through SettingsIntermediateMinutesNoneFull Settings Revert
Hard Reset (Unplug and Replug)BeginnerSecondsNonePower-Cycle Reset
Remote Reset via Smartphone AppBeginnerSecondsSmartphoneRemote Management
Automatic Reset after Error CodeBeginnerInstantaneousNoneSpecific Error Clearance
Remote Diagnostic ResetExpertInstantaneousNoneDiagnostic Connection
Firmware Update ResetIntermediateMinutesInternet, DeviceUpdate-Related Reset
Customer Support Guided ResetBeginner to IntermediateVariesPhone, CommunicationComplex Issue Resolution


Reset MethodAdvantagesDisadvantagesWhen to UseNotes
Power CycleQuick and SimpleLimited EffectMinor GlitchesBasic Troubleshooting
Button Combination ResetUser-Initiated, Clears ErrorsSpecific Button SequenceKnown Error CodesRefer to Manual
Control Panel ResetUser-Controlled, Selective ResetRequires Display InteractionCustom Settings IssuePersonalized Reset
Factory Reset through SettingsFull Reset with User ConfirmationAll Settings ResetSelling or Moving ApplianceData Loss Possible
Hard Reset (Unplug and Replug)Immediate, No InteractionMay Not Solve Complex IssuesPower-Related ProblemsQuick Power-Cycle Reset
Remote Reset via Smartphone AppConvenient, Remote ManagementApp Dependence, Network NeededRemote TroubleshootingApp-Based Solution
Automatic Reset after Error CodeHands-Off, Error ClearanceError-DependentSpecific Error OccursError-Specific Reset
Remote Diagnostic ResetTechnician Assistance, Remote AccessExpert Access NeededTechnical TroubleshootingRemote Assistance
Firmware Update ResetPost-Update Reset, Improved FunctionalityUpdate Process NeededAfter Firmware UpdatePart of Update Process


In conclusion, resetting your Maytag Bravos MCT washer is a straightforward process that can be useful in resolving minor issues and restoring normal operation. However, if problems persist or if you encounter more serious issues, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your appliance. Regular maintenance and proper care will help keep your washer running smoothly for years to come.


Maytag Bravos MCT Washer Reset

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