Maytag Dryer Troubleshooting Guide

If your Maytag dryer is giving you problems, don’t worry. This troubleshooting guide will help you diagnose and fix common issues that may arise with your Maytag dryer.

1. Dryer Won’t Start

Check Power Supply

  • Ensure the dryer is properly plugged in and receiving power.
  • Check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped.

Door Switch

  • The dryer won’t start if the door switch is faulty.
  • Inspect the door switch for any visible damage or signs of wear.

Start Button

  • The start button may be malfunctioning.
  • Check if the button feels loose or unresponsive.

2. Dryer Not Heating


  • A clogged or blocked vent can prevent proper airflow, causing the dryer not to heat.
  • Remove lint and debris from the vent and ensure it’s not kinked.


  • The thermostat controls the temperature in the dryer.
  • A faulty thermostat may not signal the heating element to turn on.
  • Test the thermostat for continuity with a multimeter.

Heating Element

  • The heating element can burn out over time.
  • Check for continuity in the heating element coils using a multimeter.

3. Dryer is Noisy

Drum Rollers and Bearings

  • Worn-out drum rollers or bearings can cause squeaking or thumping noises.
  • Lubricate or replace them as needed.

Idler Pulley

  • A damaged idler pulley can produce a high-pitched squealing sound.
  • Inspect and replace it if necessary.

Foreign Objects

  • Sometimes objects like coins or buttons can get caught in the drum.
  • Carefully check the drum and remove any foreign objects.

4. Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry Clothes


  • Inadequate airflow due to a clogged vent can prolong drying times.
  • Clean the vent thoroughly to ensure proper airflow.

Heating Element

  • A malfunctioning heating element can result in longer drying times.
  • Test the heating element’s continuity and replace if needed.

Moisture Sensor

  • If the moisture sensor is dirty or malfunctioning, it may not detect when clothes are dry.
  • Clean the sensor or replace it if necessary.

5. Dryer Shuts Off Too Soon

Moisture Sensor

  • If the moisture sensor is too sensitive or malfunctioning, it can prematurely end the drying cycle.
  • Clean or replace the sensor.

Exhaust Thermistor

  • A faulty exhaust thermistor can cause the dryer to shut off prematurely.
  • Test it for continuity and replace if necessary.

6. Dryer Smells Burning

Lint Buildup

  • Excessive lint buildup in the dryer can lead to a burning smell.
  • Clean the lint screen, vent, and the interior of the dryer.

Wiring Issues

  • Inspect the power cord and internal wiring for any signs of burning or damage.
  • Replace any damaged components.

7. Dryer Doesn’t Tumble

Drive Belt

  • The drive belt is responsible for rotating the drum.
  • If it’s broken or loose, the drum won’t tumble.
  • Inspect the belt for any damage and replace if necessary.


  • A malfunctioning motor can prevent the drum from turning.
  • Listen for a humming noise when you start the dryer; if you hear it without the drum turning, the motor might be the issue.

8. Dryer Vibrates Excessively


  • Ensure the dryer is properly leveled.
  • Imbalanced machines can vibrate excessively during operation.

Damaged Drum Seal

  • A damaged drum seal can cause vibrations.
  • Inspect the seal for any visible damage and replace if needed.

Loose Parts

  • Check for loose screws, bolts, or other components in and around the dryer.
  • Tighten or secure any loose parts to reduce vibrations.

9. Dryer Displays Error Codes

Consult the Manual

  • Refer to your Maytag dryer’s manual to interpret error codes.
  • Error codes are designed to provide specific information about the problem.

Reset the Control Board

  • Sometimes, a glitch in the control board can trigger error codes.
  • Unplug the dryer for a few minutes, then plug it back in to reset the control board.

Contact Customer Support

  • If you’re unable to resolve the issue based on the error code and manual, contact Maytag’s customer support or visit their website for troubleshooting assistance.

10. Dryer Not Drying Uniformly


  • Overloading the dryer can lead to uneven drying.
  • Ensure you’re not putting too many clothes in one cycle.

Fabric Types

  • Different fabrics require different drying settings.
  • Sort your laundry by fabric type to ensure even drying.

Dryness Level Setting

  • Adjust the dryness level setting on your dryer to match the desired level of dryness for your clothes.

11. Dryer Door Won’t Stay Closed

Latch and Strike Plate

  • The door latch and strike plate may be misaligned or worn out.
  • Adjust or replace these components to ensure the door latches properly.


  • Inspect the hinges for damage or misalignment.
  • Lubricate or replace them as needed.

12. Dryer Makes a Banging Noise

Foreign Objects

  • Loose items like coins or buttons can make a loud banging noise as they tumble inside the drum.
  • Inspect the drum and remove any foreign objects.

Damaged Drum Parts

  • If the drum components, such as the baffles or glides, are damaged or loose, they can cause banging noises.
  • Examine these parts for wear and tear and replace if necessary.


Regular maintenance and timely troubleshooting can extend the life of your Maytag dryer and save you from costly repairs. Remember to always prioritize safety by unplugging the dryer and, if needed, seeking professional assistance if you are unsure about any repair or troubleshooting steps. By following this guide, you can address many common issues and enjoy the efficient performance of your Maytag dryer.

Maytag Dryer Troubleshooting Guide

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