Maytag Washer Drains But Won’t Spin

When your Maytag washer is draining but failing to spin, it can be frustrating and disrupt your laundry routine. However, this issue is relatively common and can often be resolved with some troubleshooting steps. In this guide, we’ll explore the possible causes and solutions for a Maytag washer that drains but won’t spin.

Check for Safety Precautions


Cause: An unbalanced load can trigger the washer to stop spinning to prevent damage to the machine.


  1. Open the washer and redistribute the load evenly.
  2. Make sure to mix large and small items for a balanced load.
  3. Use a leveling tool to ensure the washer is sitting level on the floor.

2. Overloaded Washer

Cause: Overloading the washer can cause it to strain, leading to a failure in the spinning cycle.


  1. Remove some clothes to reduce the load size.
  2. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for load capacity.

3. Lid or Door Switch

Cause: A malfunctioning lid or door switch may prevent the washer from spinning as a safety measure.


  1. Check if the lid or door is properly closed.
  2. Inspect the switch for any visible damage or loose connections.
  3. If necessary, replace the switch with a compatible part.

4. Drive Belt

Cause: A broken or loose drive belt can prevent the drum from spinning.


  1. Unplug the washer and remove the back panel.
  2. Inspect the drive belt for signs of wear or damage.
  3. If the belt is damaged or loose, replace it with a new one.

5. Motor or Motor Control Board

Cause: A malfunctioning motor or motor control board can result in a failure to spin.


  1. Consult the user manual for diagnostic codes and error messages.
  2. If there’s a motor issue, it may require professional repair or replacement.

6. Drain Pump

Cause: A clogged or faulty drain pump can hinder the draining and spinning process.


  1. Check for debris or foreign objects in the pump.
  2. Clean or replace the pump if necessary.

7. Timer or Control Board

Cause: A defective timer or control board can disrupt the washer’s cycle.


  1. Check for error codes on the control panel.
  2. If there are error codes, consult the manual for troubleshooting instructions.
  3. If the control board is damaged, it may need professional repair or replacement.

8. Suspension Springs or Shock Absorbers

Cause: Broken suspension springs or shock absorbers can cause excessive movement, leading to a failure in the spinning cycle.


  1. Inspect the springs and shock absorbers for damage.
  2. Replace any damaged components with compatible parts.

9. Agitator or Impeller Blockage

Cause: If the agitator or impeller, responsible for agitating the clothes during the wash cycle, is obstructed, it can affect spinning.


  1. Remove any clothing items that may have become wrapped around the agitator or impeller.
  2. Inspect for and remove any foreign objects that might be lodged in these components.

10. Belt Tension

Cause: If the drive belt is too loose, it may slip or not engage properly, leading to a lack of spinning.


  1. Check the tension of the drive belt. It should have some resistance when pressed.
  2. If it feels too loose, consult your user manual for instructions on how to adjust belt tension.

11. Electrical Issues

Cause: Sometimes, electrical problems can disrupt the spinning function.


  1. Verify that the power outlet is functioning correctly by testing it with another device.
  2. Inspect the power cord for any visible damage.
  3. Ensure there’s no tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse that is affecting the washer’s power supply.

12. Timer or Control Panel Reset

Cause: Occasionally, a glitch in the control panel or timer can cause issues. Resetting these components might help.


  1. Unplug the washer for a few minutes to reset the control panel.
  2. Plug it back in and see if the problem persists.

Preventive Maintenance Tips

To avoid future occurrences of your Maytag washer not spinning after draining, consider these preventive measures:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Periodically clean the drum and lint filter to prevent clogs and improve overall efficiency.
  2. Use the Right Detergent: Ensure you’re using the appropriate detergent and the correct amount as recommended in the user manual.
  3. Balanced Loads: Always load your washer with balanced loads to reduce strain on the motor and components.
  4. Level the Washer: Check and adjust the leveling of the washer to prevent excessive vibration and movement.
  5. Inspect Hoses: Regularly inspect the inlet and outlet hoses for leaks or damage.
  6. Professional Maintenance: Consider scheduling annual or bi-annual professional maintenance to keep your washer in top condition.

When to Consider Replacement

If your Maytag washer is old and has undergone multiple repairs, you might want to think about replacing it. Newer models are more energy-efficient and come with advanced features that can save you time and money in the long run. Before replacing, check if you’re eligible for any manufacturer’s warranty or an extended warranty from your retailer.

In conclusion, a Maytag washer that drains but won’t spin can be caused by various factors, many of which you can troubleshoot and resolve on your own. However, if the issue persists or you’re uncomfortable with any DIY repair, it’s best to consult a professional technician to avoid further complications. Regular maintenance and proper care can extend the life of your washer and reduce the likelihood of such issues in the future.

Common Causes

CauseDescriptionSolutionTools RequiredEstimated Cost
Clogged Drain PumpBlockage in the drain pump can prevent spinning.Clean or replace the drain pump.Screwdriver, Pliers$20 – $50
Faulty Lid SwitchA malfunctioning lid switch can interrupt the spin cycle.Replace the lid switch.Screwdriver$15 – $30
Broken Drive BeltA worn or broken drive belt may hinder spinning.Replace the drive belt.Screwdriver, Wrench$10 – $20
Faulty Motor CouplingA damaged motor coupling can lead to no spinning.Replace the motor coupling.Screwdriver, Pliers$20 – $40
Overloaded WasherOverloading the washer can strain the motor.Redistribute or reduce the load.NoneN/A
Loose or Damaged WiringLoose or damaged wiring can disrupt the motor’s operation.Inspect and repair the wiring.Wire strippers, Tape$10 – $20
Faulty Motor Control BoardA malfunctioning control board can cause spinning issues.Replace the control board.Screwdriver$80 – $150
Tub Bearing ProblemsWorn-out tub bearings may lead to spinning problems.Replace the tub bearings.Screwdriver, Wrench$30 – $60
Uneven Washer PlacementAn uneven washer can prevent proper spinning.Ensure the washer is level.LevelNone
Water Level Switch IssueProblems with the water level switch can disrupt the cycle.Replace the water level switch.Screwdriver$20 – $40


SymptomDescriptionPossible CausesSolution
Washer drains but won’t spinWater drains out, but the washer doesn’t spin.Clogged Drain Pump, Faulty Lid Switch, Broken Drive Belt, Faulty Motor Coupling, Overloaded WasherDiagnose and address the specific cause.
Unusual NoiseLoud or unusual noises during the cycle.Tub Bearing Problems, Loose or Damaged Wiring, Faulty Motor CouplingInvestigate and repair the cause.
Washer Vibrates ViolentlyThe washer shakes excessively during operation.Uneven Washer Placement, Tub Bearing Problems, Overloaded WasherAdjust load and level the washer.
Water Doesn’t DrainWater remains in the drum after the cycle.Clogged Drain Pump, Tub Bearing Problems, Faulty Motor Control BoardClear blockage or replace components.
Error Codes DisplayedError codes appear on the washer’s display.Faulty Motor Control Board, Loose or Damaged WiringRefer to the user manual or seek professional help.

Required Tools

Tools RequiredDescription
ScrewdriverUsed for opening panels and screws.
PliersFor gripping and manipulating wires.
WrenchFor tightening or loosening bolts.
Wire strippersUsed to strip and connect wires.
LevelEnsures the washer is level.
TapeFor insulating and securing wires.

Estimated Costs

Repair/ReplacementEstimated Cost Range
Drain Pump Replacement$20 – $50
Lid Switch Replacement$15 – $30
Drive Belt Replacement$10 – $20
Motor Coupling Replacement$20 – $40
Control Board Replacement$80 – $150
Tub Bearing Replacement$30 – $60
Water Level Switch Replacement$20 – $40

Prevention Tips

Prevention MeasureDescription
Regular MaintenanceClean the drain pump and tub regularly.
Proper LoadingAvoid overloading the washer.
Level PlacementEnsure the washer is level and stable.
Gentle DetergentUse the appropriate detergent amount.
Address Issues PromptlyAddress any issues promptly to prevent worsening.


When to Seek Professional Help

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting steps and your Maytag washer still won’t spin, it’s advisable to contact a qualified appliance technician. They can diagnose and repair more complex issues related to the motor, control board, or other internal components. Additionally, if your washer is still under warranty, contacting the manufacturer or an authorized service provider may be the best course of action to avoid voiding the warranty.

Remember to always prioritize safety when working with appliances, and if you’re unsure about any repair tasks, consult a professional technician to avoid any further damage or injury.


Maytag Washer Drains But Won’t Spin

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