Maytag Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry

A Maytag washer not spinning clothes dry can be a frustrating issue. When your washer fails to perform this crucial step, it can leave your laundry soaking wet, which is not only inconvenient but can also lead to mold and mildew growth if not addressed promptly. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to diagnose and potentially fix this problem with your Maytag washer.

1. Check for Common Issues


a. Overloading the Washer

  • Overloading the washer can strain the motor and prevent it from spinning effectively. Make sure you’re not putting too many clothes in the washer.

b. Unbalanced Load

  • Unevenly distributed laundry can cause the washer to become unbalanced during the spin cycle. This can trigger the washer to stop spinning to prevent damage. Ensure your load is distributed evenly.

2. Verify Power and Water Supply

a. Power Supply

  • Ensure that the washer is properly plugged in and that there’s power reaching the machine. Check circuit breakers and fuses as well.

b. Water Supply

  • A lack of water in the washer can prevent it from spinning. Make sure the water supply valves are open and that there are no kinks in the hoses.

3. Inspect the Lid or Door Switch

a. Lid Switch (Top-Loading Machines)

  • On top-loading Maytag washers, a faulty lid switch can prevent the washer from spinning. Test the lid switch using a multimeter to see if it’s working correctly.

b. Door Lock (Front-Loading Machines)

  • For front-loading models, check if the door lock mechanism is functioning properly. A malfunctioning door lock can also inhibit the spin cycle.

4. Drainage Issues

a. Clogged Drain Filter

  • If the washer can’t drain properly, it won’t enter the spin cycle. Check and clean the drain filter for debris, lint, or foreign objects.

b. Drain Hose

  • Ensure the drain hose is not kinked or clogged. It should have a clear path for water to exit the machine.

5. Check the Drive Belt

a. Belt Inspection

  • Some Maytag washers use belts to drive the spin cycle. If the belt is loose or damaged, it can hinder spinning. Inspect the belt for wear and tension. If needed, replace it.

6. Motor and Motor Control Board

a. Motor Malfunction

  • The washer’s motor is responsible for spinning the drum. If the motor is defective, it may need to be replaced.

b. Motor Control Board (MCU)

  • Modern washers have MCU boards that control the motor’s functions. A malfunctioning MCU can prevent proper spinning.

7. Consult the Owner’s Manual

Always consult your Maytag washer’s owner’s manual for specific troubleshooting steps and diagrams related to your model. This can provide valuable information on diagnosing and fixing issues unique to your machine.

8. Test the Spin Cycle

a. Manual Spin Cycle Activation

  • Most Maytag washers have a manual spin cycle option. Check your user manual to understand how to activate this feature. If the washer can spin manually but not during regular cycles, it might be a control board or sensor issue.

9. Sensor and Control Board Issues

a. Load Sensor

  • Some Maytag washers are equipped with load sensors that determine the appropriate spin speed based on the weight of the load. If this sensor is malfunctioning, it might not detect the load correctly, leading to spin problems.

b. Control Board

  • The control board or electronic control unit (ECU) controls the washer’s various functions, including the spin cycle. If the control board is faulty, it can disrupt the spinning process. You may need to have it professionally diagnosed and replaced if necessary.

10. Examine for Unusual Noises or Smells

a. Unusual Noises

  • Pay attention to any unusual noises during the spin cycle. Grinding or squealing sounds might indicate a problem with the bearings or other mechanical components.

b. Burning Smells

  • If you notice a burning smell during the spin cycle, immediately turn off the washer and unplug it. This could be a sign of a motor or wiring issue that needs prompt attention to prevent a fire hazard.

11. Call for Professional Help

If you’ve followed all the previous steps and your Maytag washer is still not spinning clothes dry, it’s advisable to contact a professional appliance repair technician. They have the expertise and specialized tools to diagnose and repair complex issues that may be beyond the scope of typical troubleshooting.

12. Maintenance and Preventive Measures

To prevent future problems with your Maytag washer, consider these maintenance tips:

a. Regular Cleaning

  • Clean the drum, detergent dispenser, and seal to prevent mold and mildew growth.

b. Inspect Hoses

  • Periodically check hoses for leaks, cracks, or wear, and replace them as needed.

c. Balance Loads

  • Always load the washer evenly to avoid imbalance issues.

d. Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

  • Adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for detergent type and quantity.

e. Schedule Maintenance

  • Consider scheduling regular maintenance checks with a professional technician to catch and address potential issues before they become major problems.

Common Causes

CauseSymptomsSolutionTools RequiredEstimated Cost
Loose Drive BeltWasher makes unusual noiseTighten or replace the drive beltWrench$10 – $20
Clogged Drain PumpWater doesn’t drainClean or replace the drain pumpScrewdriver$20 – $50
Faulty Lid SwitchWasher won’t start or spinTest and replace the lid switchMultimeter$20 – $40
Overloaded WasherWasher struggles to spinRemove excess clothes, balance the loadN/AN/A
Malfunctioning MotorWasher hums but won’t spinTest motor, repair or replace if neededMultimeter$50 – $150

Unusual Noises

Noise DescriptionPossible CausesSolutionTools RequiredEstimated Cost
Grinding or ScreechingWorn drive belt or pulleyReplace drive belt or pulleyWrench$10 – $30
Thumping or BangingUnbalanced loadRearrange clothes for balanced loadN/AN/A
Rattling or ClunkingLoose or damaged partsInspect and tighten/replace loose partsScrewdriverVaries
Whirring or BuzzingForeign objects in the drumRemove foreign objects from drumPliersN/A
Clicking or TickingObjects caught in the agitatorRemove objects from the agitatorScrewdriverN/A

Water Not Draining

SymptomPossible CausesSolutionTools RequiredEstimated Cost
Standing water in the tubClogged drain hose or pumpCheck and clear blockagesPliers, bucketN/A
Slow or incomplete drainingFaulty drain pumpReplace the drain pumpScrewdriver$20 – $50
Water leaking on the floorDamaged hoses or connectionsReplace damaged componentsPliers, wrenchVaries
Gurgling or unusual noisesAir gap or venting issuesCheck air gap and venting, fix issuesScrewdriverN/A
Error code displayedElectronic control failureReset or replace the control boardScrewdriver$50 – $150

Washer Won’t Start

SymptomPossible CausesSolutionTools RequiredEstimated Cost
No power, no lightsPower supply or cord issuesCheck power source and cordMultimeterN/A
Door won’t lock or latchFaulty door lock mechanismTest and replace door lockScrewdriver$20 – $40
Control panel not respondingElectronic control failureReset or replace control boardScrewdriver$50 – $150
Water not filling the drumWater supply issuesCheck water supply and hose connectionsPliers, wrenchN/A
Error code displayedElectronic control failureReset or replace the control boardScrewdriver$50 – $150

Washer Shaking Excessively

SymptomPossible CausesSolutionTools RequiredEstimated Cost
Washer rocks or vibratesUnbalanced loadRearrange clothes for balanced loadN/AN/A
Uneven placementWasher not leveledAdjust leveling feet or use a leveling kitWrench, level$10 – $20
Damaged suspension systemWorn or broken shock absorbersReplace shock absorbers or suspension kitPliers, wrench$30 – $100
Damaged drum bearingsLoud, persistent noiseReplace drum bearings or drum assemblyScrewdriver$50 – $150
Worn or unbalanced drive beltDrive belt issuesReplace drive beltWrench$10 – $20


In conclusion, troubleshooting a Maytag washer not spinning clothes dry can involve a range of factors, from simple user errors to more complex mechanical or electronic problems. By systematically checking and addressing these issues, you can often resolve the problem and keep your washer running efficiently for years to come. Remember to prioritize safety and, when in doubt, consult with a professional technician for expert advice and repair.


Maytag Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry

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