Samsung Dryer Display Symbols Meaning

Samsung dryers come equipped with advanced features and an easy-to-use display panel. However, the display symbols and indicators might seem confusing at first. In this guide, we’ll break down the most common Samsung dryer display symbols and their meanings to help you make the most of your appliance.

Power Button


Meaning: Press this button to turn the dryer on or off. When the dryer is on, this symbol will be illuminated.

Start/Pause Button

Symbol: A triangle pointing to the right or two parallel vertical bars.

Meaning: Use this button to start or pause the dryer’s cycle. Press it once to start, and press it again to pause.

Cycle Selector

Symbol: Various symbols representing different cycles such as a shirt, pants, or a sun.

Meaning: This button allows you to select the drying cycle. Rotate the dial to choose the appropriate cycle for your laundry.

Dryness Level

Symbol: A series of bars or lines.

Meaning: Adjust the dryness level of your laundry using this button. More bars typically indicate a higher dryness level.

Time Remaining

Symbol: A digital countdown or clock icon.

Meaning: This displays the estimated time remaining in the current cycle. It helps you plan your activities around the laundry.

Damp Dry Signal

Symbol: A droplet icon.

Meaning: Activate this feature to get a signal when your laundry reaches a damp dry level. It’s useful if you want to remove certain items for air drying.

Wrinkle Prevent

Symbol: A t-shirt icon with waves.

Meaning: This option intermittently tumbles the clothes to prevent wrinkles if you can’t remove them immediately after drying.

Child Lock

Symbol: A child’s face with a lock symbol.

Meaning: Use this function to lock the dryer’s controls, preventing accidental changes or operation by children.

Filter Check Indicator

Symbol: A filter or lint icon.

Meaning: This symbol lights up when it’s time to clean the lint filter. Regular maintenance ensures your dryer operates efficiently and safely.

Drum Light

Symbol: A light bulb icon.

Meaning: This button turns the drum light on or off. It’s helpful when loading or unloading the dryer in low-light conditions.

Smart Features

Samsung dryers may also have smart features, including Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone apps. These features typically come with their own set of symbols and indicators, allowing you to control your dryer remotely and receive notifications.

Eco Dry

Symbol: A leaf or tree icon.

Meaning: Activating Eco Dry mode adjusts the cycle’s settings to be more energy-efficient. This option helps save on energy and reduce your environmental footprint.

Steam Cycle

Symbol: A cloud or steam icon.

Meaning: If your dryer has a steam feature, this option uses steam to reduce wrinkles and refresh clothes. It’s great for quickly revitalizing items that have been sitting in your closet.

Delay Start

Symbol: A clock with a timer icon.

Meaning: This feature allows you to set a delay before the dryer starts its cycle. It’s handy if you want to have your laundry finish just as you arrive home or wake up in the morning.

My Cycle

Symbol: A heart or star icon.

Meaning: If your dryer has a memory function, you can save your preferred settings as a custom cycle. This symbol represents the ability to recall and use your custom cycle easily.

Error Codes

Symbols: Alphanumeric combinations or unique icons.

Meaning: When something goes wrong with the dryer, it may display an error code. Refer to your user manual or the Samsung website to decipher the code and troubleshoot the issue.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Symbol: A Wi-Fi or network icon.

Meaning: If your dryer is smart-enabled, this symbol indicates that it’s connected to your home Wi-Fi network. You can control and monitor the dryer remotely through a smartphone app.

Dryer Drum Reversal

Symbol: An arrow curving in a circular motion.

Meaning: Some Samsung dryers feature a drum reversal function. This symbol indicates that the drum will periodically reverse its rotation, helping to prevent clothes from tangling and promoting even drying.

Sound On/Off

Symbol: A speaker or sound wave icon.

Meaning: This button allows you to toggle the audible signals of the dryer on or off. Useful when you don’t want to be disturbed by beeps at the end of a cycle.

Vent Blockage Indicator

Symbol: An exhaust vent or airflow icon.

Meaning: If there’s a blockage in the dryer’s venting system, this indicator will light up. It’s crucial to address vent blockages promptly to ensure efficient drying and prevent safety hazards.

Cool Down

Symbol: A snowflake or cool air icon.

Meaning: The cool-down cycle at the end of a drying cycle helps reduce wrinkling and allows you to handle clothes comfortably when they come out of the dryer.

Samsung Dryer Display Symbols Meaning

SymbolMeaningDescriptionAction RequiredTroubleshooting Tips
🌡️Temperature SettingCurrent drying temperature settingAdjust if necessaryCheck for overheating
⏲️Time RemainingEstimated time remaining for the cycleNoneNone
🔄Cycle RefreshIndicates a refresh cycle is in progressNoneNormal operation
🚫Door OpenDoor is open, cycle pausedClose the doorCheck door sensor
🔄⏸️Pause in CycleCycle is pausedPress start to continueCheck for errors

 Samsung Dryer Display Symbols Meaning

SymbolMeaningDescriptionAction RequiredTroubleshooting Tips
🔌Power OnDryer is powered onNoneNone
💧Water Container FullWater container is full, needs emptyingEmpty the containerEnsure proper drainage
🔄🔒Child LockChild lock is activatedDeactivate the lockCheck settings
🔄❄️Cool Air CycleCool air cycle is activeNoneNormal operation
⚙️SettingsAccess to dryer settingsAdjust settingsCustomize cycle

Samsung Dryer Display Symbols Meaning

SymbolMeaningDescriptionAction RequiredTroubleshooting Tips
🔊Sound On/OffSound feedback settingToggle soundAdjust settings
💡Drum LightDrum light on/offToggle lightCheck bulb or wiring
🔄⏹️Cycle CompleteCycle is completeOpen the doorIf not done, check sensor
🔁Cycle RepeatCycle will repeatNoneCheck settings
🔄🔍Check Lint FilterLint filter needs cleaningClean the filterRegular maintenance

 Samsung Dryer Display Symbols Meaning

SymbolMeaningDescriptionAction RequiredTroubleshooting Tips
🔄🔧Maintenance ModeDryer in maintenance modeExit maintenance modeFollow manual instructions
⏲️🔔Timer AlertTimer-based alertAcknowledge alertCheck timer settings
🔄🌬️Air Fluff CycleAir fluff cycle in progressNoneNormal operation
🌪️High Heat WarningHigh heat warningCheck ventilationEnsure proper airflow
🔄🔄Repeating CycleCycle will repeatNoneCheck for errors

Samsung Dryer Display Symbols Meaning

SymbolMeaningDescriptionAction RequiredTroubleshooting Tips
🔄🔶Error AlertError in the cycleRefer to manualCheck error code
🔄🔄⏹️End of Repeated CycleRepeating cycle is completeOpen the doorNone
🆘EmergencyEmergency situationRefer to manualFollow emergency steps
🔄🔀Change Cycle DirectionChange cycle directionNoneAdjust settings
💨Ventilation IssueVentilation system issueCheck ventilationClear obstructions



Samsung dryers are designed with a range of features and options to cater to different laundry needs. Familiarizing yourself with these symbols and functions will help you maximize the efficiency and convenience of your Samsung dryer. Always refer to your user manual for model-specific details and instructions, as the symbols and available features can vary from one model to another.

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