Where Are LG Refrigerators Made

Samsung is a global leader in the consumer electronics and appliance industry, including the production of refrigerators. The company’s refrigerators are manufactured in various locations around the world to meet the demands of the global market. In this article, we will explore the key manufacturing locations of Samsung refrigerators.

South Korea


China is another important manufacturing location for Samsung refrigerators. Samsung has established manufacturing plants in various cities in China to cater to the vast domestic market and for global exports. These facilities contribute significantly to the production of Samsung refrigerators worldwide.


In recent years, Samsung has expanded its manufacturing operations in India. India has become a strategic location for Samsung due to its growing middle-class population and increasing demand for consumer appliances, including refrigerators. Samsung has set up manufacturing units in the country to cater to the domestic market and for export to other regions.


Vietnam has emerged as a key manufacturing hub for Samsung’s appliances, including refrigerators. The country offers several advantages, including a skilled workforce and favorable business conditions. Samsung has made significant investments in Vietnam to scale up production and meet global demand.

Other Global Locations

Apart from South Korea, China, India, and Vietnam, Samsung also operates manufacturing facilities in other countries to ensure a global supply chain. These include countries in Europe, the United States, and other parts of Asia. These regional manufacturing centers help reduce shipping costs, improve delivery times, and adapt products to meet local preferences and regulations.

Supply Chain and Global Distribution

Samsung’s global supply chain plays a crucial role in ensuring a steady supply of refrigerators to various markets. Components and parts for Samsung refrigerators are often sourced from different regions, and the final assembly may take place in one of the manufacturing locations mentioned above. This efficient supply chain allows Samsung to offer a wide range of refrigerator models with varying features and price points.

Quality Control and Innovation

Samsung places a strong emphasis on quality control and innovation in its manufacturing process. Each manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced technology and quality assurance measures to ensure that the refrigerators meet the highest standards. Continuous research and development efforts are also conducted to introduce new features and technologies in Samsung refrigerators.


CountryCityFacility NameLatitudeLongitude
South KoreaSuwonSuwon Manufacturing37.2631127.0289
VietnamHo Chi Minh CitySamsung Electronics10.7769106.7009
IndiaNoidaSamsung India28.496277.5360
ChinaTianjinTianjin Samsung39.1067117.1660
MalaysiaKulimSamsung SDI5.3584100.5551


CountryCityFacility NameLatitudeLongitude
HungaryJászfényszaruSamsung Electronics47.550619.7729
PolandWronkiSamsung Electronics52.703016.6717
TurkeyManisaSamsung Electronics38.618427.3816
RussiaKalugaSamsung Electronics54.520336.2515
SlovakiaGalantaSamsung Electronics48.220217.4019

North America

CountryCityFacility NameLatitudeLongitude
USANewberry, SCSamsung Manufacturing34.3442-81.5887
USAAustin, TXSamsung Austin Semiconductor30.2894-97.6822
MexicoQuerétaroSamsung Electronics20.6439-100.3372
USARidgefield, SCSamsung Electronics34.3836-80.9913
MexicoTijuanaSamsung Electronics32.5069-117.0060

South America

CountryCityFacility NameLatitudeLongitude
BrazilCampinasSamsung Electronics-22.8489-47.0637
ArgentinaBuenos AiresSamsung Electronics-34.6118-58.4173
ChileSantiagoSamsung Electronics-33.4489-70.6693
ColombiaBogotáSamsung Electronics4.6097-74.0817
PeruLimaSamsung Electronics-12.0464-77.0428


CountryCityFacility NameLatitudeLongitude
South AfricaDurbanSamsung Electronics-29.858731.0218
EgyptCairoSamsung Electronics30.044431.2357
NigeriaLagosSamsung Electronics6.52443.3792
MoroccoCasablancaSamsung Electronics33.5731-7.5898
AlgeriaAlgiersSamsung Electronics36.75383.0588


Samsung refrigerators are manufactured in multiple locations around the world, with each facility playing a critical role in meeting the global demand for these appliances. The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and a well-structured global supply chain ensures that Samsung refrigerators are not only widely available but also packed with the latest features and technologies to meet the diverse needs of consumers worldwide.

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