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Your email address6-digits of your account number.

How to Reset Voicemail Passwords

If a wireless user forgets their password, you can change both their voicemail password and your own. In Premier, you can now provide wireless users the option to change their own voicemail passwords. All voicemail messages are unaltered when a voicemail password is reset..

  1. When you create your voicemail password:
  2. use a combination of random digits, 4 to 15 characters in length that are unique and not easily guessed. By hitting and holding the 1 key on your wireless device’s keypad, regardless of whether you have Basic, Enhanced, or Visual Voicemail, you can access your voicemail and change the password.
  3. Within 30 minutes, Premier will send a temporary password to the device and reset the voicemail password.
  4. Use your wireless device’s voicemail feature to finish the reset process.

Note: Accounts that are suspended or inactive cannot have their passwords reset.

Reset the voicemail password for a wireless user

  1. From the I want list on the taskbar on the Premier homepage, choose Reset voicemail password.
  2. After entering the desired wifi number, click Go. The page asking to reset voicemail password displays.


  • If the option to reset voicemail passwords is not included in the list, you lack the necessary authorization.
  • If the option to reset your voicemail password is available but disabled, there may be an issue with your wireless, billing, or foundation accounts. To find out if these accounts are still active, check their status.
  1. Choose one of these choices, then click Submit on the Reset Voicemail Password page’s Voicemail Password Reset Information section:
  • Create a temporary password for me.
  • I’ll create my own temporary password.

Along with an email verifying receipt of the request, the temporary password is texted to the wireless phone.

Set up a new Basic or Enhanced voicemail password

You must access the voicemail system, input the temporary password, and then adhere to the voice prompts in order to set up a new voicemail password.

  1. To access the voicemail system on your wireless device, press and hold the number 1 or the voicemail key.
  2. Enter the temporary voicemail password that you were sent through text message by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. After entering your new, 4- to 15-digit voicemail password, press the pound (#) key.

Set up a new Visual Voicemail password

Your temporary voicemail password will be sent to you through text message. Depending on the kind of device you use, you can modify it to one of the following options:

Visual VoicemailAccess the Visual Voicemail screen
iPhone® or BlackBerry®·          Enter a new voicemail password that’s 4 to 15 digits in length.

·          Note: Do not enter the temporary password.


All other smartphonesEnter the temporary password when prompted, and then enter a new 4 to 15-digit voicemail password.


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