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What is Dead Dough

Dead Dough: The art of producing dead dough is centuries old, reaching back to Egyptian times. What produces dough doesn’t have a specific definition. The name “dead dough” comes from the fact that it contains no ingredients (yeast). Water and flour are the essential elements of this dough. Because there is no yeast, it is … Read more

How To Set Time on G Shock

How To Set Time on G Shock

Here’s what you need to know about G Shock 5146. Instructions: This post is about 5146 instructions. Please carefully follow the procedure. What you will achieve: You will be able to change the time with ease. You can adjust the time on your G shock 5146. You can understand the manual easily. time-changing procedure is … Read more

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How to Set Time On Shark Watch

how to set time on shark watch

This blog post is concentrated on how to set time on shark watch in a less complicated means. I have actually read the manual and created it in a much easier way, it is a quite challenging thing to review and then set time. UNDERSTAND THE SCIENCE OF WATCH HEAD PRIOR TO SETTING TIME ON … Read more

Kasson Pool Table


Back in the day, Kasson was a well-known corporation. I’ll do my best to provide details about each table so you can receive answers to your questions. Please contact me via the contact page on my site if you require a higher-resolution image of any model. I can also help by sharing a cross-sectional image … Read more

Reolink Default Password

reolink default password

Reolink default username is admin and the default password is blank (no password). If you forget the password List of printer models for the brand reolink default password Dual-Lens Security Cameras Wire Free Model No Username Password OR Reolink Duo admin blank password Reolink Duo 4G admin blank password Dual-Lens Security Cameras Wired     … Read more

Kyocera Default Password

kyocera default password

The Administrator Password setting prevents normal users from accessing pages other than the Start page. Setting the Administrator password is highly recommended for security reasons. The default Administrator password is factory-set on some models as admin00. Model username Password 1135 admin admin00 2525E admin admin00 3225 admin admin00 3830 admin admin00 3920 admin admin00 3930 … Read more

Arris Router Default Password

arris router default password

The Arris router default username and password are “admin” and “password,” respectively. Depending on your Arris device model, you can alter a range of options after you connect, including passwords, wireless connection settings, and other information.   Model username Password Try 5168N admin password printed on router 5268AC admin password admin AM525 admin password password … Read more

Lorex Default Password

lorex default password

Default usernames and passwords are included with many Lorex NVRs, DVRs, and IP cameras. The default admin accounts for Lorex equipment are listed in this article. Keep in mind that restoring your Lorex DVR or NVR security system to default settings will also reset the login and password to default. Role Username Password Master user … Read more

Sharp Default Password

Sharp Default Password

The Default Sharp user name is Admin and Password is admin   Default Sharp user name Default Sharp password admin admin           Product Model No Usename password Printers Black & White Sharp DX-B351PL admin admin Sharp DX-B352P admin admin Sharp MX-B427PW admin admin Sharp MX-B467P admin admin Sharp MX-B557P admin admin … Read more