Avigilon Control Center Client Default Password

Are you looking for Avigilon Control Center Client Default Password then we have gathered all the information below:

H3 series

User NamePassword


BrandUser NamePasswordIP Addressr1
AvigilonadminadminNo Default / DHCP


H4 cameras

It is administrator with no password (in other words leave the password field blank)

Resetting the Administrator Password

To reset the administrator password, you must delete all existing user and group account information from the server Config Volume.

Tip: You can avoid this procedure if you have a user account that has all the same permissions as an administrator. You can use this user account to reset the administrator password in the Avigilon Control Center Client software.

  1. Open the Admin Tool. See Admin Tool for more information.
  2. Click Shut Down.
  3. Select the Settings tab then click Storage.
  4. In the Storage dialog box, make note of which drive holds the Config Volume.
  5. Access the Config Volume drive and navigate to the AvigilonConfig\User folder.

For example, D:\AvigilonConfig\User.

  1. Delete all the files in this folder. The server automatically resets all the users and groups settings

back to the factory default.

  1. In the Admin Tool, click Start Up.

You can now log into the server from the Client software using the factory default administrator account:

Username: administrator

Password: <leave blank>

To add users and groups to the server, see the Avigilon Control Center Client User Guide.


avigilon control center client default password

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