DIR-605l Default Password

Model NumberUser nameDefault Password Default IP
Dlink DIR-605LAdmin`admin192.168.0.1


Check your IP address

DIR-605l Default Password

After you install your new D-Link adapter, by default, the TCP/IP settings should be set to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server (i.e. wireless router) automatically.

  • To verify your IP address, please follow the steps below.
  • Click on Start > Run. In the run box type cmd and click OK.
  • At the prompt, type ipconfig and press Enter.
  • This will display the IP address, subnet mask, and the default gateway of your adapter.
  • If the address is, check your adapter installation, security settings, and the settings on your router. Some firewall software programs may block a DHCP request on newly installed adapters.
  • If you are connecting to a wireless network at a hotspot (e.g. hotel, coffee shop, airport), please contact an employee or administrator to verify their wireless network settings.

Statically Assign an IP address

DIR-605l Default Password

If you are not using a DHCP capable gateway/router, or you need to assign a static IP address, please follow the steps below:


Step 1Windows® XP – Click on Start > Control Panel > Network Connections.

Windows® 2000 – From the desktop, right-click My Network Places > Properties.

Step 2Right-click on the Local Area Connection which represents your D-Link network adapter and select Properties.
Step 3Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties.
Step 4Click Use the following IP address and enter an IP address that is on the same subnet as your network or the LAN IP address
Step 5Click OK twice to save your settings.



Device Administration

This window will allow you to change the Administrator password. You can also enable Remote Management.

DIR-605l Default Password

Administrator Login Name:

Enter a new Login Name for the Administrator account.

Administrator Password:

Enter a new password for the Administrator Login Name and then retype the new password in the Confirm Password textbox. The administrator can make changes to the settings.

Enable Remote Management:

Remote management allows the DIR-605L to be configured from the Internet by a web browser. A username and password is still required to access the Web-Management interface. In general, only a member of your network can browse the built-in web pages to perform Administrator tasks. This feature enables you to perform Administrator tasks from the remote (Internet) host.

IP Allowed to Access:

The Internet IP address of the computer that has access to the Broadband Router. If you input an asterisk (*) into this field, then any computer will be able to access the Router. Putting an asterisk (*) into this field would present a security risk and is not recommended.


The port number used to access the DIR-605L. For example: http://x.x.x.x:8080 whereas x.x.x.x is the WAN IP address of the DIR-605L and 8080 is the port used for the Web-Management interface.


How to recover password?

  1. If you forgot your password, you must reset your router. Unfortunately, this process will change all your settings back to the factory defaults.
  2. To reset the router, locate the reset button (hole) on the rear panel of the unit.
  3. With the router powered on, use a paperclip to hold the button down for 10 seconds.
  4. Release the button and the router will go through its reboot process.
  5. Wait about 30 seconds to access the router.
  6. The default IP address is When logging in, the username is admin and leave the password box empty



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