Roker Bluetooth Speaker Manual

Partial View

  1. Short press to play previous song, long press for volume down.
  2. To play/Stop playing music; Answer/Hang up the Phone Call under Bluetooth Model
  3. Short press to play next song, long press for volume up
  4. Short press to change the model (Bluetooth-FM-LINE IN-TF CARD)
  5. Power /charging indicator light,
  6. Speakers
  7. MIC
  8. Bluetooth/Charging indicator light
  9. Lab mat
  10. LINE IN
  11. USB interface (power output)
  12. Power Switch: Switch On/Off;
  13. Micro USB interface for charge
  14. TF CARD interface

Roker Bluetooth Speaker Manual

Function Introduction

  1. The Bluetooth connection

Computer connection: first of all, the computer needs to have built-in Bluetooth, don’t need an external Bluetooth adapter, and updates the Bluetooth driver, Open the Bluetooth speakers, computer search Bluetooth audio device name: JL BT, matching can achieve Bluetooth play after the connection is successful.

Mobile phone connection: open the phone’s Bluetooth function, search the Bluetooth audio device name: JL BT, matching after the connection is successful can be played out and calls hands-free Bluetooth function.

  1. The TF card play: playing songs in MP3 format which saved in TF card.
  2. The LINE IN function: connection device 3.5 MM audio interface, easy to complete with PC/IPOD/PHONE/MP3 / MP4R perfect docking (short press the “M” key to switch to the LINE – IN mode).
  3. Radio mode: short press the ‘M’ key to switch to radio mode, long press the ‘Pause” button can realize automatic radio channel, after the success will automatically play.
  4. The power bank: device connected to this equipment must charge, after the mobile power indicator will light up, said twenty-five percent of this equipment electricity per lamp.


Battery voltage3.7V 4000MAH
Charging time8 hours
Loudspeaker size40MM x 2, 4Q3W
Unit weight260G
Product size160*60*36mm



  1. Hand free call is only available at BT connected status: Still the phone call could be interfered with high frequency electromagnetism. People should try not to use this product under high frequency environment.
  2. Bluetooth is a bidirectional transmitting protocol; transmitting distance is highly related to audio player. Compatible BT players are recommended.
  3. Some terminal players are without automatically switching play functional this case, POP noise will exist in the interval of every 2 songs.
  4. When BT transmitting devices cannot be connected, please delete the rest BT receiving devices name on the list. Re-active Lepa-searching an re-paring.
  5. The sound performance could also be affected when BT transmitting devices is under poor signal environment, or under low battery capacity.
  6. Touch the ineffective: hands don’t put on the touch panel, restart the Bluetooth speaker.


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