How to Set Time On Shark Watch

This blog post is concentrated on how to set time on shark watch in a less complicated means. I have actually read the manual and created it in a much easier way, it is a quite challenging thing to review and then set time.

how to set time on shark watch


The Names of the buttons is noted on the figure below for your convenience and take a look at the picture as well.


AStart/StopThe best way to make the “button” function is to cover the button with a finger or thumb on either side of the watch and gently press it.
BLap/ ResetCover the button with a finger or thumb on either side of the watch and gently press it to activate the “button” feature.
Cnext to SettingTo activate the “button” feature, cover the button with a finger or thumb on either side of the watch and gently press it.
DLightCover the button on either side of the watch with a finger or thumb and gently press it to activate the “button” feature.


The C button switches the watch’s display between different functions.

For example, by default if,

The watch is set to Home Time mode, which means that it displays the current time anytime you look at it. The watch will display several modes if you press the C button.

There are three other display modes in addition to the home time mode:

  • Home Time Alarm
  • Stop Watch,
  • and Countdown Timer.



Take the following steps and learn how to enter the editing flow for the home time mode.

To do so, Follow the steps below.

Step 1:

How it worksThe Home Time Mode is accessed by pressing the C button on your shark watch.


There are two sorts of times saved on the watch:

1-home time

2-and international time.


Special NoteThis lesson focuses on setting home time, but the same technique can also be used to set foreign time.


Step 2:

You may flip between home and international time by:


gently Pressing Button B after pressing C.


 Step 3:

when the home time appears on the watch screenpush the B button for 2 seconds.


The time editing for the home time mode is enabled by pressing the B for this amount of time.

Step 4:

After step 3The SET text will appear on the watch screen after two seconds.
FANTASTIC Now You’ll see that the second numbers are flickering.

 Step 5:

In this step you will be noticing some signs,

For examplethe seconds are blinking, that signifies they are now being edited.
Change the seconds to 00:00When you press the A button, the seconds on the watch will change to 00.


Step 6:

we’ve set the seconds, now need to edit the minutes:

Now press the C button to go from seconds to minutes. On the watch, the minutes are now blinking.

Step 7:

To adjust the minuteshit button A, which will cause the minutes to rise.
Special NoteThe minute increment will speed up if you push the button for a longer amount of time.


Step 8 and 9

8To change the watch’s hours, press the C button again once you’ve completed adjusting the time. After pressing C, the watch screen will start to flicker with the hours.


9To Change the hours on the watch, repeat the process and click the A button.


 Step 10:

After setting the hours:

S1 Buttonpress the S1 Button to change the format to 12 or 24 hours.


NoteThe pm will appear on the screen if you press the S1 key again, but it will not appear if you press it again.
Special Note for hour format The time is presented in 12-hour format if pm is displayed on the screen. If no pm is displayed, the watch is set to 24-hour time.




You have successfully set the time on your shark watch.

To change the Mode:

Press the C button to enter that mode, then press the B button for 2 seconds to enter the editing mode.


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