Akuvox Default Password

Akuvox Provides Innovative Intercom Solutions.

Akuvox Smart Intercom solution are:

  • Combines SIP
  • Android, Cloud
  • Telcom, AI with Ease Of Use.


Akuvox administrator’s user name and password are shown below:

akuvox default passwor

User name PasswordBrowser IP Address
adminadminGoogle Chrome192.168.1.100


akuvox default password


Model Number User name Password
Akuvox X916Sadminadmin
Akuvox X915Sadminadmin
Akuvox X912Sadminadmin
Akuvox R29Cadminadmin
Akuvox R29Sadminadmin
Akuvox R29C-Ladminadmin
Akuvox R29C-Badminadmin
Akuvox R29CTadminadmin
Akuvox R28Aadminadmin
Akuvox R27Aadminadmin
Akuvox R26Cadminadmin
Akuvox R26Padminadmin
Akuvox R20Kadminadmin
Akuvox R20Badminadmin
Akuvox E21Vadminadmin
Akuvox E21Aadminadmin
Akuvox E18Cadminadmin
Akuvox R20Aadminadmin
Akuvox E16Cadminadmin
Akuvox E12Sadminadmin
Akuvox E12Wadminadmin
Akuvox E11Radminadmin
Akuvox C317Sadminadmin
Akuvox X933Sadminadmin
Akuvox X933Wadminadmin
Akuvox IT88Aadminadmin
Akuvox IT83Radminadmin
Akuvox IT83Aadminadmin
Akuvox IT82Aadminadmin
Akuvox IT82Radminadmin
Akuvox C319Sadminadmin
Akuvox C319Aadminadmin
Akuvox C317Aadminadmin
Akuvox C317Sadminadmin
Akuvox C315Sadminadmin
Akuvox C313Sadminadmin
Akuvox C312Sadminadmin
Akuvox SP-R67Gadminadmin
Akuvox SP-R50Padminadmin
Akuvox SP-R55Gadminadmin
Akuvox EM63adminadmin
Akuvox EM53adminadmin
Akuvox EA40adminadmin
Akuvox R20A-2adminadmin
Akuvox C313W-2adminadmin
Akuvox E12Wadminadmin
Akuvox A092Sadminadmin
Akuvox A03Sadminadmin
Akuvox A02Sadminadmin
Akuvox A01Sadminadmin
Akuvox SR01adminadmin
Akuvox R20K-2adminadmin
Akuvox R20A-2adminadmin
Akuvox C313W-2adminadmin
Akuvox NS-2adminadmin
Akuvox SmartPanel(C319H)adminadmin
Akuvox SmartPanel(X933H)adminadmin
Akuvox E18C Door Phoneadminadmin
Akuvox X933 C319adminadmin




Obtain IP Address

R27 use DHCP IP by default.

Press “*2396#” to enter administrator interface. Press “1” to enter system Information interface to check the IP address.

Access the Device Website

Open a web browser, and access the corresponding IP address.

Enter the default user name and password to login.

The default Figure 3.2.2 Access the device website


administrator’s user name and password are shown below:

User Name: admin

Password: admin

Note: The recomended browser is  Google Chrome.


Password Modification

akuvox default passwor


Admin Password Settings on R28

Go to Settings – Admin Settings – Admin Password Setting on R28,to modify Admin Password on R28.

Modify the Device Service Code

Service code is used to enter user interface. The default code is 3888.

Press “*2396#” to enter administrator interface. Press “2” and “3” to enter service code setting interface to input a 4-digit new user code, and press “Dial key” to save.

Web Password Modify on Website

Login to the website and go to Security – Basic, to modify web password.

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