Clickshare Default Password

Are  you looking for Clickshare default password then we have gathered all working password for you below:

Model NoDefault usernameDefault PasswordDefault IP address
ClickShare C-10adminadmin192.168.2.1
ClickShare CX-20adminadmin192.168.2.1
ClickShare CX-30adminadmin192.168.2.1
ClickShare CX-50adminadmin192.168.2.1
ClickShare C-10adminadmin192.168.2.1
ClickShare C-5adminadmin192.168.2.1
ClickShare CS-100adminadmin192.168.2.1
ClickShare CS-100adminadmin192.168.2.1
ClickShare CSC-1adminadmin192.168.2.1
ClickShare CSE-200adminadmin192.168.2.1
ClickShare CSE-200+adminadmin192.168.2.1
ClickShare CSM-1adminadmin192.168.2.1



How do I log into Barco ClickShare?


Connecting to Base Unit’s Web Configurator point via Wi-Fi


  1. Base Unit WiFi or SSID Connect
  2. In the list of available Wi-Fi, locate the SSID for your Base Unit. “ClickShare-[serial base number]” is the default SSID to use when connecting to the Base Unit.
  3. Enter the default password “clickshare”
  4. enter the default IP address in browser
  5. accept EULA and click OK, after Enter the login credentials; User Username: admin and Password: admin


How to reset the ClickShare to factory settings?

  • Firstly, unplug the router’s power supply.
  • Secondly, press and hold the reset button while re-connecting the power cable. Hold until the front LED starts to flash.



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