Esxi Default Password

Please find below all working Esxi default passwords:


Default User name Default password
rootTry following:


·        PASSW0RD

·        P@ssw0rd

·        Blank


default root password “PASSW0RD” (“0” = numeric zero).
ESXi 6.7  default root password“P@ssw0rd” (“@” = at sign; “0” = numeric zero)
default root passwordBlank


Model NoUser namepassword
ESXi 7rootno password
ESXi 6.7rootroot



Reset password


  1. Restart your ESX host.


  1. Press the space bar to prevent the server from immediately booting into VMware ESX when the GRUB screen appears.


  1. To choose only the Service Console, use the arrow keys


  1. In order to change the kernel arguments, press the a key (boot options).
  2. Write the word single, followed by a space, on the provided line.


  1. Enter the key. The server keeps starting up in single-user mode.


  1. Run the passwd command when prompted by a bash prompt, such as sh-2.05b#.


  1. To change the root user password, adhere to the prompts. See Changing an ESX Host Root Password for more details (1004659).


  1. Use the reboot command to restart the host when the password change has been successful, then let the ESX host boot normally.
  2. esxi default password


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