Fresh Tomato Default Password

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Default LoginDefault Password



Here are fresh tomato default password and login

Default LoginDefault Password


How to Change the Tomato Admin Password?


Step 1Connect your computer to the router using an Ethernet connection.


Step 2Launch your browser. In the browser address bar, type “”.


Step 3When prompted to log in to the Tomato firmware, enter “root” for the user name and password (“admin” can also be used for the user name, the password is still “root”).


Step 4Select the “Administration” tab.


Step 5If desired, provide a new user name in the “User name” column. Enter a new password, and then confirm it. To save the new password, click “Save.”





Please follow the instructions below if you are experiencing problems signing into your account.


Step 1- Open this guide in a new window to login to your Tomato password login account. You’ll be able to view the steps while following them!

fresh tomato default password

Step 2 – Log in by providing your Tomato password login credentials. This information will be provided to you upon registration or by an authorised representative of the website.

Step 3 – You are now officially connected with Tomato password login after receiving a “successfully logged in” message!

Step 4 – Tomato password login may reject your login credentials. To assist in resolving this issue, we recommend following these step-by-step instructions.

Here are screenshots to understand the basic settings


How to OpenVPN on a router with FreshTomato


  • Log into the router interface. If you haven’t done so already, you should change the default password under Administration > Admin Access.


  • default password under Administration > Admin Access.


  • By default the Tomato firmware
  • To configure DNS go to Basic -> Networking.


To configure the VPN connection

Custom Configuration

Static Key/Certificate Authority/Client Certificate

access the internet without VPN

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