Lexmark Default Admin Password

Are you looking for Lexmark Default Admin Password then we have got it all summed up below in great detail:

Default user name: use “admin” or leave it blank

Default password: no password /leave blank

 Here is the list of all the lexmark default admin password


Model NoDefault loginDefault password
lexmark cx725adminNo password
lexmark mb2236adwadminNo password
lexmark mc2535adminNo password
lexmark mx810adminNo password
lexmark xc4140adminNo password
lexmark xm3150adminNo password
lexmark xm3250adminNo password
lexmark c4150adminNo password
lexmark cx410deadminNo password
lexmark cx510deadminNo password
lexmark cx522adeadminNo password
lexmark cx725adminNo password
lexmark cx825adminNo password
lexmark m5255adminNo password
lexmark mb2236iLeave blankLeave blank
lexmark mc2535adweLeave blankLeave blank
lexmark mc2640Leave blankLeave blank
lexmark mc3426Leave blankLeave blank
lexmark mx511deLeave blankLeave blank
lexmark mx611deLeave blankLeave blank
lexmark mx711Leave blankLeave blank
lexmark t654Leave blankLeave blank
lexmark x658deLeave blankLeave blank
lexmark x748Leave blankLeave blank
lexmark x792Leave blankLeave blank
lexmark xc2235Leave blankLeave blank
lexmark xc4140Leave blankLeave blank
lexmark xc6152adminNo password
lexmark xc9235adminNo password
lexmark xm1246adminNo password
LEX-M01-002adminNo password
LEX-M01-003adminNo password
LEX-M01-004adminNo password
LEX-M01-005adminNo password
CX522adminNo password
CX622adminNo password
CX622hadminNo password
CX625adminNo password
CX625hadminNo password
CX725adminNo password
CX725hadminNo password
CX820Leave blankLeave blank
CX825Leave blankLeave blank
CX860Leave blankLeave blank
CX920Leave blankLeave blank
CX921Leave blankLeave blank
CX922Leave blankLeave blank
CX923Leave blankLeave blank
CX924Leave blankLeave blank
MX421Leave blankLeave blank
MX521Leave blankLeave blank
MX522Leave blankLeave blank
MX622Leave blankLeave blank
MX622hLeave blankLeave blank
MX721adminNo password
MX721hadminNo password
MX722adminNo password
MX722hadminNo password
MX725adminNo password
MX822,adminNo password
MX826adminNo password
N8052adminNo password
X7500adminNo password
CS622adminNo password
CS720adminNo password
CS725adminNo password
CS820adminNo password
CS921adminNo password
CS923Leave blankLeave blank
MS622Leave blankLeave blank
MS822Leave blankLeave blank
MS826Leave blankLeave blank
T650Leave blankLeave blank
T652Leave blankLeave blank
T654Leave blankLeave blank
T656Leave blankLeave blank
lexmark cx725Leave blankLeave blank

How to Change the Admin Password?

  1. Open the left-side panel of the window. While the printer is turned off, remove the metal cover that covers the PCB.
  2. Look for a little yellow sweater. A jumper joins two of three series-connected pins.
  3. Before you can turn on the printer, you must first move it to the only alternate position.
  4. To do a factory reset, hold down the right arrow while selecting (checkmark).
  5. Turn on the printer and release the buttons after around ten seconds to access the service menu.

lexmark default admin password

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