Zote vs Fels Naptha

 I’m really impressed with how both Fels Naptha and Zote fought and cleaned so well. The Zote bar is a good choice because of its simple ingredients, large size, and low price, and Fels-Naptha is a powerful laundry bar that works overtime to remove greasy, oily stains, and perspiration, and clean the stains around the collar.


Zote Laundry Soap Bar – Zote is a high-quality laundry soap that can be used on all clothing. Zote is a big bar that is more than twice the size of Fels Naptha at the same price.

Zote is completely natural, with few ingredients and no fillers. Look over the ingredient list below.

Fels Naptha:

Fels and Company invented the soap around 1893, and it was the first to include naphtha. Although naphtha made the soap effective for cleaning laundry. Fels-Naptha is an American brand of laundry soap , Soap, water, and talc are the main ingredients in Fels.

It has a light fresh scent that does not linger on clothing for more than a day, and it is a powerful laundry bar that works overtime to remove greasy, oily stains, perspiration, and ring-around-the-collar.



Fels naptha

Cymbopogon nardus (Citronella oil)FRAGRANCE
Basic Violet 10 (Dye)TALC
Sodium tallowateTITANIUM DIOXIDE
Sodium cocoateWATER
Cocos nucifera (Coconut oil)SODIUM TALLOWATE
Sodium hydroxideSODIUM COCOATE
Sodium chlorideSODIUM SOAP

How to Remove Stains with Zote Laundry Soap Bar

1.     Identify the stain if possible. On stains caused by food, drinks, and oil, Zote will be the most effective. It will not effectively remove ink or dye-based stains.
2.     Rub the stained area with the Zote bar. Work the soap into the fabric with your fingers and leave it for at least 10 minutes to start breaking apart the stain molecules.
3.     Hand wash or machine wash the garment as usual with your regular laundry detergent. Before putting the garment in an automatic dryer, inspect the stained area.

 How to Hand Wash Clothes with Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar

1.     To ensure that the soap dissolves and disperses evenly in the water, it should be grated. Finely grate about one tablespoon of soap flakes per gallon of water using a kitchen grater.
2.     Fill a sink or a plastic tub halfway with cold to warm water. If you’re using cold water, first dissolve the flakes in one cup of hot water before pouring them into the sink. Use enough water to keep the clothes from becoming crowded as you wash them.
3.     Before deciding what to wash together, sort the clothes by colour and fabric type.
4.     Place the laundry in the sink. Allow for a 10-minute soak to allow the soap to begin breaking down the soil. Squeeze the water through the clothes gently or scrub sturdy fabrics together to release the soil.
5.     Rinse the clothes in cool water once they are clean. They can be dried flat, in an automatic dryer, or by hanging them on a clothesline or drying rack.

How both Zote vs Fels Naptha works

zotefels naptha
Excellent for spot treatment.


Excellent for spot treatment.


Dip the spot area and rub the stain and set aside for a few minutes before laundering.


its like firm clay so with using water rub the spot area and dip the wash stain area in to the water


If you see the yellowish spot, just put the specific area and wash softly to avoid spreading it to the whole.


If you notice a yellowish spot, gently wash it to avoid spreading it throughout the cloth.


 Common Questions

1-Is Fels-Naptha or Zote better?

No big difference been seen and the results is almost same but if we talk about the difference in between two then the Zote is made entirely of natural ingredients and contains no fillers and Fels-Naptha is an effective laundry bar that works tirelessly to remove greasy, oily stains, perspiration, and ring-around-the-collar.

2-What can I substitute for Zote?

Substitute is of course Fels Naptha , its easy available at stores. But as for the price and removing stains we prefer the Zote Soap because it has a softer consistency that makes grating easier.

3-What makes Zote soap so special?

Zote Soap contains tallow, which is derived from rendered animal fat and is a common ingredient in many industrial fabric conditioners. However, the laundry bar avoids using any additional chemicals. It uses natural ingredients to provide industrial-grade softening.

4-Is Fels-Naptha a good laundry Soap?

Excellent at removing stains! Fels Naptha is excellent at removing stains and dirt from laundry. It has no bad odours or fancy chemicals, and it is my go-to for removing stains, both old and new, and items in the laundry that require a boost to remove!

5- Can Zote be used on colored clothes?

I’ve never had a problem with it on my colored clothes. Pink zote laundry soap I use in my own made laundry detergent and haven’t noticed any issue.

6-Is bathing with Zote soap safe?

Yes, it is safe to apply to the skin.

7-Is Zote antibacterial?


8-Is Fels-Naptha effective at removing grease?

Fels-Naptha is apparently amazing at removing heavy-duty stains, even on light or white clothing, in addition to removing basic grease spots.

6-Is Zote safe to use on your face?

Zote can only be used to clean dirty clothes and dishes. Please do not use this to wash your face.

Customer experience  

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 29, 2011

She was using Fels Naptha and complained that the scent was strange and overbearing, and that my whites were not well washed and confused in using the exact amount of bleach.

Then she came across Zote. It has a pleasant, subtle citrus scent and, since it is softer, it is much simpler to grate.

If you make your own washing detergent, I recommend 1/4 cup for whites and particularly filthy or stinky washes. Just 2 teaspoons can clean and freshen up everything else.

Zote Pink Laundry Soap Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 18, 2012

Zote Pink Laundry Soap is a lovely soap. It is not overpowering and has a light rose geranium aroma. It’s actual soap, not detergent. Pink is such a lovely colour.

Zote vs Fels Naptha

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