Spectrum Router Default Password

Are you looking for Spectrum Router Default Password then we have got them all summed up in great detail below:

default usernamedefault passworddefault IP


Spectrum routers are a popular technology in the home and office. They allow users to access the internet through a varied range of frequencies, making them perfect for high-traffic areas or networks with diversity of providers.


Here is the list of all the spectrum router default password

Model NoUsernamePassword
Arris DG1670Aadminpassword
Arris DG860Aadminpassword
Arris TG1672Gadminpassword
Arris TG852Gadminpassword
Arris TG862Gadminpassword
RCA TCM8715Dadminpassword
RCA TC8717Tadminpassword
RCA DWG875Ablankadmin
Ubee/Ambit DDW3611useruser
Ubee/Ambit DDW365useruser
Ubee/Ambit DDW36CadminSee label on router
Ubee/Ambit DVW3201Badminuser
Ubee/Ambit DVW32CBadminSee on label on your router
TP-LINK Archer C8 v2.xadminadmin
Dlink DI-714P+adminblank
Hitron-Technologies CGN2-ROGcusadminpassword
D-Link DIR-905Ladminblank
Hitron CGN3cusadminpassword
Dlink DIR-615adminblank
Arris Touchstone DG860P2adminpassword
Actiontec R3010UW(AP)adminadmin
EnGenius ESR-9753adminadmin
Tenda F303blankadmin
L7 Networks L7-NR-2000adminblank
D-Link DIR-400adminblank
Netgear 3800adminpassword
Netgear 6300adminpassword
Sagemcom 5260adminadmin
Technicolor TC8717Tadminpassword
Ubee DVW32CBadminFrom device Label



User Guide

Spectrum WiFi 6 Router

Spectrum Router Default Password
Spectrum Router Default Password

Advanced In-Home WiFi

Advanced In-Home WiFi is included on your Spectrum WiFi 6 router delivering internet, network security and personalization, conveniently managed with the My Spectrum App. Your router will have a QR code on the back label to indicate support of this service.


With Advanced In-Home WiFi, you can:

  • Personalize your WiFi network name (SSID) and password
  • View and manage devices connected to your WiFi network
  • Pause or resume WiFi access for a device, or group of devices, connected to your WiFi network
  • Get port forwarding support for improved gaming performance
  • Have peace of mind with a secure WiFi network
  • Use both wireless and Ethernet connectivity


Spectrum Router Default Password


Get Started with My Spectrum App

To get started, download My Spectrum App on Google Play or the App Store. Another method to download My Spectrum App  or go to spectrum.net/getapp


Personalize Your WiFi Network Name and Password

To secure your home network, we recommend creating a unique network name and an alphanumeric password. You can do this in the My Spectrum App or at Spectrum.net


Spectrum Router Default Password


Troubleshooting Your Internet Service

If you’re experiencing slow speeds or if you lose connection to your WiFi network, check the following: Distance from the WiFi router: The farther away you are, the weaker the signal will be. Try moving closer. Router location: Your router should be placed in a central location for best coverage.


Spectrum Router Default Password


Where to place your router for the best coverage

  • Do place in a central location
  • Do place on a raised surface
  • Do place in an open space
  • Don’t place in a media center or closet
  • Don’t place near devices like cordless phones that emit wireless radio signals
  • Don’t place behind a TV



Spectrum WiFi 6 Router with Advanced In-Home WiFi

The router’s front panel features the status LED (light) which indicates the process the router is going through while establishing your home network. LED status light colors:


Spectrum Router Default Password


Spectrum WiFi 6 Router with Advanced In-Home WiFi

The router’s side panel features:


Spectrum WiFi 6 Router with Advanced In-Home WiFi

The router’s label callouts:


Spectrum WiFi 6 Router Technical Specs


Concurrent 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bandsSupports existing client devices in the home, and all newer devices using higher frequencies. Provides flexibility in range for WiFi signal to cover the home.
2.4GHz WiFi Radio – 802.11ax 4×4:4 5GHz WiFi Radio – 802.11ax 4×4:4More data per packet transition provides higher throughput and increased range improving experience, especially in client dense environments


• Delivers higher data rates and bandwidth for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies


• Client steering – optimizes client device connectivity to best frequency band, channel, and access point. Prevents client devices from ”sticking” to a specific band.


Band steering with multiple access points

Bandwidths2.4GHz – 20/40MHz

5GHz – 20/40/80/160

802.11ax WiFi 6 chipsets with higher processing powerSupports consistent performance where there is a higher density of WiFi devices connecting to the network. Powerful chips encode/ decode signals allowing better network and device management.
Industry-standard security (WPA2 personal)Supports the industry security standard to protect devices on the WiFi network.
Three GigE LAN portsConnect stationary computers, game consoles, printers, media sources and other devices on the private network for high-speed service.
More specs·       Fan to provide optimum temperature regulating and stability

·       Ethernet standard: 10/100/1000

·       IPv4 and IPv6 support

·       Power supply: 12VDC/3A – provides power management

·       Wall mounting bracket

·       Dimensions: 10.27” x 5” x 3,42”



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