Toshiba Printer Default Passwords

The default login and password for Toshiba are “admin” and “se the password in below given table”.

Passwords for Toshiba printers: General guidelines

To enter Machine Administrator mode, most printers require a login and password. The username and password are both identical by default. There are certain exceptions, such as when a computer has the same login and password as the rest of the devices in the same model group.

If the default password does not work, you may reset it by doing the following:

Turn on the printer while holding 08, then type 263, enter your new pass, ENTER, then turn it off.

To enter service mode 08, simply hit OK.

If you become fully stuck and are unable to retrieve the service password, you can reset it using the technique outlined below.

Hold down when turning on the copier. [4+8+9+POWER] = [4+8+9+POWER] This will reset both the administrator and service passwords.

Remember that you will lose all user data if you do this!


E-Studio 287csAdmin123456
E-Studio 2500cAdmin123456
E-studio 2555cAdmin123456
E-Studio 3530CAdmin123456
E-Studio 2540CAdmin123456
E-Studio 4540cAdmin123456



Toshiba Printer Default Passwords

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