Zosi Default Password

Please find below all working Zosi default passwords:


Default Username Default Password
admin blank (empty)


Default Username Default Password
admin admin


Zosi DVR models:

Model NoUser name Password
4-Channel DVRs
ZRO4LNadminAdmin or leave blank
ZRO4LM.adminAdmin or leave blank
8-Channel DVRs
ZRO8KNadminAdmin or leave blank
ZRO8KMadminAdmin or leave blank
ZRO8ANadminAdmin or leave blank
ZRO8AMadminAdmin or leave blank
ZRO8QNadminAdmin or leave blank
ZRO8KSadminAdmin or leave blank
ZR08LSadminAdmin or leave blank
ZRO8LNadminAdmin or leave blank
ZRO8LMadminAdmin or leave blank
16-Channel DVRs
ZR16JKadminAdmin or leave blank



How to reset Zosi DVR password

It’s easy to reset the Zosi DVR password.

  1. To change the Zosi DVR password, find the DVR’s QR code
  2. Download the Zosi password-generating app
  3. Scan the QR code to create a strong password, and then enter that password to access the DVR.
  4. You can modify your password and use a new one after logging in.


Detailed step by step reset Zosi DVR and NVR Password

  1. Install SPD App
  2. Start Scan QR Code
  3. QR code usually you can find in the left bottom of the DVR box
  4. You will see the following message after scanning
  5. Click on 20 Super password and you will see the super password
  6. Go to the main menu and use the password which you receive after scanning the QR code


Most Common Questions

What are the ZOSI app’s password rule?

Your password can include digits, capital and lowercase letters, and must have at least six characters.

How can I connect to my Zosi DVR?

  • Plug EC (Ethernet cabel) to your DVR
  • You will see the message appear OK
  • To view your specific Device ID and QR Code, go to the Information > System screen. The Setup Wizard includes the QR code as well.


Where can I locate my ZOSI device ID?

On the Zosi Smart app, look for the device ID (UID).

The device ID (UID) code can be found on the device details page by logging into your device using the Zosi Smart app on your phone. You may see your UID mentioned on the app by going to My Device > Three dots > Setting.



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